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VIDEO: Funny? Obama Recalls to Reporter Chuckling When He Heard Sailors Captured by Iranians


What’s so EFFING funny, Jackass? Obama laughed when he heard his pals the Iranians had captured our sailors. Watch and listen: From the Daily Caller: President Barack Obama chuckled as he recalled the events that surrounded his learning that 10 American sailors had drifted into Iranian-controlled waters. The soldiers were captured and held overnight at an Iranian military facility, and ...

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Obama’s Secret Meetings with Another Brilliant Advisor, Daily Show’s Jon Stewart

Obama’s trusted advisors. First, it’s race-baiting lunatic, the TelePrompTer-reading challenged Al Sharpton. Now we learn that this brain trust also included The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart. You know how I always say that the genius of the 2008 Obama campaign was it’s ability to mobilize ignorant and emotionally-driven, the people whose only previous voting with consisted of their texting multiple ...

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Obama The Puppetmaster?

In this post, I mentioned that our friends in the Lame Stream Media are…how shall I put this charitably?… a little slow, so when they catch on to something, you know it’s really really obvious. Check out the first sentence from this Politico story: President Barack Obama is a master at limiting, shaping and manipulating media coverage of himself and his White ...

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