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No, That’s Not What Happened. Anita Hill’s Lies About Clarence Thomas:Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show, 10-15-2017

Anita Hill

Clarence Thomas was confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice on October 15, 1991, but the Left keeps lying about him. Plus we know that Hollywood phonies covered up for pig Harvey Weinstein for at least 20 years. Is there also a coverup surrounding the Las Vegas massacre? What do you think really happened in Las Vegas? And why did the ...

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Pope Francis, Who Lives Behind Ginomous Wall, Whines About U.S. Border (So-Called)

Pope Francis

Pope Francis, Tear Down This Wall! The mask is off. Pope Francis is nothing more than another Latin American leftist politician. His recent comments, criticizing an American citizen running for president, Donald Trump, are ridiculous, disgraceful and hypocritical. Catholics, I’ve got news for you. Your church has been corrupted in virtually the identical way as our great country. In the ...

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Obama in His Socialist Box: Today on the Teri O’Brien Show

To the delight of militant union thugs, race-obsessed lily white limousine liberals, and earnest, but silly, juveniles trying to masquerade as serious people, Vice President Joe Biden took it to those evil right wingers who are trying to stop Barack Hussein Obama from completing his “remaking” of America. As long as a few people still have full-time private sector jobs, ...

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