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Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch is the Son of Ann Burford Gorsuch, Reagan’s EPA Director


  Judge Neil Gorsuch of the 10th Circuit is the son Ann Gorsuch Burford, who served as Ronald Reagan’s head of the Environmental Protection Agency. Ms. Burford passed away in 2004. From the obituary in the Washington Post: Her 22-month tenure was one of the most controversial of the early Reagan administration. A firm believer that the federal government, and specifically ...

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Hillary Still Thinks It Should Be Illegal To Criticize Her: Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show, 5-1-2016


Hillary and Citizens United: It’s not about “money.” It’s about making it illegal to criticize her Links to stories we discussed are here. Listen to this episode in the sidebar on the right, or here.  Listen on the go with the spreaker app  for your smartphone or tablet (search for “Informed America Radio.) This is how the audience at the White House ...

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Phony Sen. Chuck Schumer: Stunning Hypocrisy on Judicial Nominations

Sen. Chuck Schumer, there’s this thing now called video that makes it A LOT harder for you to get away with your politically-motivated lies. Watch Sen. Chuck Schumer back in 2007, that would be the year BEFORE the next presidential election, vowing to obstruct Pres. Bush ability to appoint any justices to the Supreme Court On yesterday’s edition we detailed ...

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President Reagan: We Must Fight

Remember when we had a real leader in the Oval Office, President Reagan? As Islamic extremism explodes from West Africa through South Asia while the Obama Regime dare not speak the enemy’s name, this portion of President Reagan’s 1964 “Time for Choosing” speech is worth remembering.

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Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid. Biden Guarantees No Iran Nuclear Weapon

Joe Biden guarantees it: No Iran Nuclear Weapon! The problem is that Joe has been wrong about virtually every foreign policy issue on which he has ever commented. Don’t take my word for it. Former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates agrees. From the Washington Examiner: “I think he has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security ...

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