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Who is “Treasonous,” John Brennan or President Trump?


NBC’s Today Show interviews John Brennan to bash President Trump as “treasonous,” but what details about this clown are they leaving out? Do you want to be a more informed citizen for just pennies a day? Would you like to have more hours in your day? Here’s how I did it and so can you. I have shared with many ...

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Project Veritas Undercover Video Exposes DisruptJ20 Plot to Set Off Stink Bombs at Deploraball


DisruptJ20 is a bunch of wackos who aren’t very happy about the election of Donald J. Trump. They also aren’t prepared to satisfy their rage with “peaceful” protest. From the DisruptJ20 website: “We must stand for a world based on love and justice.” Gee, this scheme to disrupt this ball for Trump supporters doesn’t sound exactly loving to me. Nor ...

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NBC-Owned Telemundo Stages #NeverTrump Protestors


There they go again. Telemundo, owned by the network that stages exploding cars, NBC, stages #NeverTrump protestors. The Telemundo cameraman helps to fix it when the idiot protestors have their Mexican flag upside down. See why I call it the “pretend news?” I don’t have to tell you that this staging is hardly an isolated incident. Nice serape, Loser! Kudos ...

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WATCH: Media Slams Hillary Lies and Lawbreaking on Email

Crooked Hillary

Even medial types on MS-NBC and CNN can’t believe Hillary’s lies, lawlessness and state of denial. As you know, the State Department’s Inspector General has concluded that Hillary Clinton violated the agency’s “policies,” and without saying so, is telling us that she violated the Federal Records Act because those “policies” were implemented to comply with that law. In addition, as ...

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