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Justin Trudeau, Metrosexual Canadian PM Deserves “Special Place in Hell”: Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show 06-10-2018

Angela Merkel tries to face down President Trump

Justin Trudeau, Metrosexual Canadian Prime Minister and (In)Famous Obama “Bromance” partner, slams U.S. after President Trump leaves G-7 meeting Who would ever think that this guy wouldn’t be President Trump’s kind of guy? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Please check it out, and remember that you can get a free copy of the audio book with your 30-day free trial of audible.com. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Download ...

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Islamist Maniacs Behead Canadian Hostage


No doubt stern letter from the doofus Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, to follow. (Thought experiment: which is worse, an affirmative-action assisted empty suit like B. Hussein Obama or the equivalent of a worthless legacy taking office by virtue of being part of a political dynasty?) From the WaPo: A severed head was left Monday on a street in the ...

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