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Project Veritas Undercover Video Exposes DisruptJ20 Plot to Set Off Stink Bombs at Deploraball


DisruptJ20 is a bunch of wackos who aren’t very happy about the election of Donald J. Trump. They also aren’t prepared to satisfy their rage with “peaceful” protest. From the DisruptJ20 website: “We must stand for a world based on love and justice.” Gee, this scheme to disrupt this ball for Trump supporters doesn’t sound exactly loving to me. Nor ...

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VIDEO: Here They Go Again: Operatives for Dem Senatorial Candidate Says Vote Fraud “Cool” and “Awesome!”

Just a couple of days after the One actually admitted that voter ID laws don’t prevent anyone from voting, an operative for a left-wing group, Work for Progress, working to re-elect Colorado democrat senator Mark Udall aka “Mark Uterus,” enthusiastically supports using Colorado’s ridiculous vote by mail system to commit vote fraud. So does one for the “non-partisan” Greenpeace. Thanks ...

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VIDEO: “Free” Obama Phones Used to Buy Drugs, Shoes with Your Money

The fact that the “Obama phone” program is rife with fraud is not exactly a surprise, at least not to our readers here. We noted it here last February, citing the Wall Street Journal report, stating that 41% of beneficiaries of this program may be ineligible, and here last March. Now the intrepid James “Caught on tape” O’Keefe of Project Veritas ...

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