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Remind Me Again: Why Exactly Do We Need to Pour More Money Into the Pockets of “Educators”?

From NBC News: Students in the United States made scant headway on recent global achievement exams and slipped deeper in the international rankings amid fast-growing competition abroad, according to test results released Tuesday. American teens scored below the international average in math and roughly average in science and reading, compared against dozens of other countries that participated in the 2012 ...

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How Many Dead Slaves Does It Take To Prove These Teachers Are Idiots?

This story is certainly an argument for paying teachers based on competence, not tenure. Note that it was the student teacher who noticed how bone-headed this proposed homework assignment is. From NY1: It was quite a homework assignment that a fourth grade teacher at P.S. 59 wanted to give her students last Thursday. It consisted of a few math problems, ...

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Pre-Election Day Musings

How many of the people attending that Obama rally this morning in Madison, WI are teachers, current or retired? With respect to the former, did they call in sick? Do they plan to use one of those fake doctor notes that they used during their recall agitating? Is it my imagination, or is Bruce Springsteen turning into Bob Dylan? Would ...

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Ask Teri: Mike Madigan and His Democrat Cabal Try to Pull Another Fast One, The Proposed Illinois Constitutional Amendment

Recently, I received a note from one of our SL’s (Smart Listener), who is also a subscriber to the Teri O’Brien Show. It read: Do you know anything about this proposed Amendment to the IL Constitution?  Do you know where I can find out the conservative view on it?  On the surface it looks like something I’d support.  But Mike ...

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Obama’s Latest Vote Buying Scheme

As you no doubt heard, the latest example of the liberal racket, in which they create a problem with their income redistribution schemes, then confiscate money from the productive to hand out to their friends and mascots, while pretending to solve that problem, is Barack Obama’s plan to help poor, long suffering liberal arts grads suffocating under the crushing debt ...

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They Are Stealing You Blind (and it’s perfectly legal):Today on the Teri O’Brien Show

Today we’ll examine the latest Washington drama, the supposed looming default by the United States of America. This debt crisis inspired Barack Obama, fresh from yet another ego refueling in front of an assemblage of swooning gullible twenty-somethings, to put on a clinic in petulant, self-righteous demagoguery at last Friday afternoon’s press conference. We’ll unpack that performance, and share the ...

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The Wisconsin Grandmother Who Stood Up to Union Thugs, The Teri O’Brien Show Notes, 4/3/11

We were delighted to welcome as a special guest, fresh from her appearances on “Your World with Neil Cavuto” and “America Live” on Fox News, and the day before her appearance on “On the Record with Greta Van Sustreren,” Union Grove, Wisconsin entrepreneur Dawn Bobo, whose refusal to be intimidated by union thugs has made her a national hero. You ...

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