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East Coast Brain Rot Alert: Former MA Gov. William Weld


This effete goof Weld is the running mate of dope-addled former governor Gary Johnson on the Libertarian ticket, not that anyone would know that and not that anyone cares. From USA Today: The former Massachusetts governor conceded that a realistic goal for the Libertarian Party in this election would be to win 5% of the popular vote and while he didn’t call ...

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Kevin McCarthy v. The English Language

Can we get this clown Rep. Kevin McCarthy some remedial reading classes? That’s where he needs to spend his time, not as Speaker of the House, the key word there being “Speaker.” This dork can’t read. He can’t even speak in coherent sentences. Did you miss me? I have been battling a horrible upper respiratory plague that had me down ...

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Gov. Chris Christie’s Ego: Bigger Than His Waistline

We should have realized something was up back in August, when Chris Christie gave the keynote address at the GOP’s convention. Do you remember that speech? If not, here’s a little reminder from a liberal at the Daily Beast, Michael Tomasky: Well, that was a good speech for Chris Christie, wasn’t it? That was kind of shocking, actually. Of course ...

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Note to Obama Apologists: He Didn’t Go on Offense Because He Can’t

One of the challenging things about being a knowledgeable observer of current events is the stunning disconnect between reality and the benighted babbling emitted into the atmosphere by people who are supposed to be the smartest, most well-informed around, our Lame Stream Media friends. The latest example was their public head scratching over Barack Obama’s abysmal performance in last Wednesday ...

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Obama Supporters Can’t Have it Both Ways on “Obama Phones”: Show Notes, 9/29/12

On yesterday’s edition of the program, we exposed the truth about the so-called “Obama phone.” The Left erupted in its typical knee-jerk outrage that anyone would dare suggest that a former Alinskyite community organizer would pursue income and wealth redistribution, and rushed to claim that the free cell phone program started during the Reagan administration. One lefty website, ThinkProgress.com, even ...

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