Obama Knows That If He Wants to Keep Spending, He’d Better Not Tick Off The Chinese

Remember back in 2010, after the Gulf Oil Spill, when Obama did that interview in which he said he needed to figure “whose ass to kick?” (Video here.) Well, it appears that he has no problem knowing whose ass to kiss. From the Washington Free Beacon, by the inimitable Bill Gertz: 

President Barack Obama two years ago rejected a series of tough actions against China, including counter-cyber attacks and economic sanctions, for Beijing’s aggressive campaign of cyber espionage against the U.S. government and private businesses networks, according to administration officials.

The piece goes on to describe the One’s kid gloves approach toward to dealing with Chinese, and quotes John Bolton, who notes that treating these obviously state-sponsored cyber attacks sounds a lot like the way we treated the head chopping Islamic fanatic maniacs for decades before 9/11/01.

It also mentions Rep. Mike Rogers (R-M), Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, and his appearance on ABC’s “This Week” on 2/24/13. We played the audio on the 2/24/13 edition of “The Teri O’Brien Show.”

Barack Obama has demonstrated zero desire to stop spending. He has run $1 trillion deficits every year he has been in office, financed by money borrowed from the Chinese. Ben Bernancke is keeping this economic house of cards standing by printing beaucoups de loot, and if you think the economy is bad now, imagine what would happen if interest rates when up. We have a nearly $17 trillion debt, a lot of it owed to the Chinese. If you were our Sham WOW (Walks on Water) occupant of the Oval Office, and you were determined to throw billions down a gazillion social welfare and green energy ratholes, would you get tough with China? Of course you wouldn’t!

National security is one thing, but we need universal pre-kindergarten! And there’s also Bo’s Chief of Staff, who earns $100,000 plus.

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Thanks to our special guest Betsy McCaughey, author of Beating Obamacare: Your Handbook for the New Healthcare Lawfor sharing some essential information about the federal government’s takeover of our healthcare system. Did you know that you might be headed for Medicaid next year? Did you also know that patients covered by Medicaid have worse outcomes than the uninsured? Did you know that even if you retain your private insurance, the federal government will review your doctor’s decisions about your care?

On February 15, I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing one of America’s leading experts on the 2nd amendment, David Kopel, and we heard Part 1 of the interview as part of this week’s 2nd Amendment Update. Part 2 will air next week.

Sunday Shows: the Regime sends buffoonish dullard/former Illinois GOP stooge Sec. of Defense Ray LaHood to CNN’s “State of the Union” and NBC’s “Meet The Press” to describe the parade of horribles that will befall us if we deprive the federal government of a single dime. Surprisingly (no, not really), hapless LaHood had no answer when Candy Crowley asked why he was warning of grounded planes and air traffic delays when (1) the FAA’s budget has increased $500 billion since 2008 and (2) the number of domestic flights is down 27% since 9/11, while the FAA budget is up 41%. Suggestion: if you want to get your congressman to wet himself, especially if he is a democrat, call and see if he can do what LaHood couldn’t or wouldn’t do; that is, answer these questions. Obama needs to stop whining about the sequester, since it was his idea, and he has spending the last week conducting a clinic on demagoguery, lying through his teeth about that fact, and the fact that any pain felt by the public will be because he is choosing it. He’s trying to tell us that he has no choice but to furlough meat inspectors and air traffic controllers because of a 2% decrease in the rate of growth rather than cutting out some bureaucratic bloat? PULEEZE!!

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