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Seven Questions for Rubio Supporters. Can You Answer Them?


Do you really know Sen. Marco Rubio? Listen to The Teri O’Brien Show Episode “Rubio’s Amnesty Deceit” here. Show Notes for that episode here. Last week, I asked readers here, especially Trump supporters, a few of the many questions that have  occurred to me about the front-running businessman’s candidacy. (Yes, OF COURSE I have more! Stay tuned.) Now that the ...

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More Good News: Obama is Never Going Away


Obama isn’t going away even after he left office. Of course he isn’t! Not to be a downer, but it’s not like you didn’t know that, right? From PJ Media: President Obama told a Bay Area fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee last week that he intends to stay “very active in the public life of this country” after leaving office. Speaking at ...

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7 Ways It Pays to be an Illegal Alien in Obama’s America


That was then. In Obama’s America, it’s GREAT to be an illegal alien! I have often reminded you of an important truth of life, illustrated by what is ridiculously called “the news” today; specifically, small minds talk about people, average minds talk about events, and great minds talk about ideas. The Lame Stream Media consists of a collection of agenda-driven ...

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The Awful Truth About Obama’s Lawless Amnesty: The Teri O’Brien Show, Sunday,11-23-14


Learn what they aren’t tell you, even on your favorite cable network, about Obama’s lawless amnesty. Please join us for today’s edition of the Informed America Radio’s flagship show, The Teri O’Brien Show,” which. you can hear live at teriobrien.com, Sundays live from 5-7 pm Eastern. You can also listen there on demand anytime, and also on iTunes, spreaker.com, or ...

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Pelosi and Reid Violate House Rules to “Expose” Koch Brothers, While Soros Steers $40 million to Left Wing Groups

Neil Munro reports at the Daily Caller on Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid’s latest attempt to demonize those “un-American” Koch Brothers. Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi is helping a progressive group break Capitol Hill fundraising rules by hosting the premier of a partisan movie in the Capitol Visitor Center, according to the GOP chairman of the Committee on House Administration. “Rightly ...

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How We Will Repeal Obamacare: Today On The Teri O’Brien Show, 3-9-14

LISTEN HERE As Vladimir Putin delights in Barack Hussein Obama’s “fantasy” foreign policy, and Democrats are on the verge of needing adult diapers as the November elections approach, His Royal Highness issued another unilateral, and not incidentally, completely lawless, change to his “signature achievement.” By this measure, the Titanic was the “signature achievement” of the White Star Line. The “Affordable ...

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Despite Chicago Liberal Gov. Deval Patrick’s Stonewalling, Now We Know. Boston Bombers’ Family Got $100,000 in Welfare.

A couple of weeks ago on The Teri O’Brien Show, we, along with many of you, questioned the value of having people like the Tsarnaev family in this country. Other than murdering 4 people, and seriously injuring a couple hundred others, please remind me again, what exactly did these “hard-working immigrants” who we’re always hearing add to the vitality of ...

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Cheer Up, Leftists! Barry’s Single Payer is Only Months Away!

Last week after the conclusion of the latest Washington “crisis,” the “fiscal cliff” debacle, believe it or not, some of Barry Obama’s supporters were extremely unhappy with the amount of the tax increases in the deal. That left a lot of us scratching our heads, since the ratio of tax increases to spending cuts was 41:1. There are a couple ...

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