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CBO: Even After “Affordable Care Act,” 23 Million Uninsured by 2019.

Wait …I thought Barack Obama told us that his health care scheme was going to eliminate the problem of people not having health insurance. From The Cato Institute, by way of Intellectual Takeout: And even by 2019, CBO expects there to be more than 23 million uninsured (see Figure 7). … About one-third of the uninsured would be illegal immigrants. But ...

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Another Back room Deal Producing an America-Destroying Train wreck: Amnesty Conspiracy in the House Makes Sure Illegals Continue to Use Emergency Rooms

From YNN (Waco, TX), a story from last April: While the Senate’s so-called Gang of Eight stalls on immigration reform, another group with a more specific proposal could get the jump on them. Republican Rep. John Carter of Round Rock admits to an ongoing series of bipartisan House negotiations, all held in secret. “We have been meeting on this issue ...

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Did You Miss Last Sunday’s Show?

Watching the turmoil in Egypt it occurred to me that a great business would be selling American flags, and you’d do especially well if you throw in a box of matches with every purchase. The U.S. is accused of taking sides by both sides. The pro Morsi people say we had to have known about overthrow. The anti-Islamists say we ...

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Obama by the (Fake Social Security) Numbers with Orly Taitz: Show Notes, 7-7-13

Listen Live, Sundays 4-6 pm Central time at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/Teri-OBrien, or on demand here on this page by using the player in the right side bar of this page. You can also download the show on iTunes. Thanks for your encouragement and support! Thanks to our terrific guest, Orly Taitz. Kerry was ‘briefly’ on yacht in Nantucket Wednesday John Kerry Saves $500,000 By ...

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Seven Questions for Proponents of Gang of 8’s Amnesty

There will a motion to proceed vote today in the U.S. Senate on the Gang of 8 immigration (read amnesty) bill, S. 744, and Barack Obama, no doubt displaying one of his many on-off dialects (Don’t you love the way he says “la-TEE-nos” at these photo ops?) will be rallying support today at the White House. So the time has ...

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Susan “Obama Mouthpiece” Rice’s Willful Ignorance: Show Notes, 11/18/12

David “Howdy Doody” Gregory shocked that anyone might think that the Obama regime might withhold information or even lie to burnish its national security credentials. Sen. Lindsay Graham takes it to him, and to the One. Barack and Michelle celebrate the demise of the Twinkie. Rep. Peter King (R-NY) refers to Petraeus affair by saying “mistakes were made.” Is it ...

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