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WATCH: Obama Visit to Greece Sparks “Go Home” Riots


Obama no doubt went to Europe, including Greece, because he figured that was the one place where he could indulge his delusion about his excellent performance in office. That’s a little tough to do here after last week’s election, in which the American public delivered a complete and unquestionable smackdown of his policies. Jackass, you were the one who said ...

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“Creepy A** Crackers” Should Prepare for Negro-geddon

By Guest Contributor Taleeb Starkes If the 1992 L.A riots had a son, it would look like the pending 2013 Trayvon Martin riots on steroids. If Zimmerman walks, Blacks will have a national temper-tantrum resulting with (what I call) Negro-geddon. Negro-geddon is essentially a form of Black spontaneous combustion leading to a Black riot. Moreover, its manifestation doesn’t symbolize a ...

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