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Did Obama Era Race-Based Policy Cause Parkland Shooting? Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show 2-25-2018

 Obama’s Race-Based Policy, in Effect in Broward County as the “Promise Program,” Probably Kept Parkland Shooter Nikolas Cruz from being arrested. Jake Tapper’s FULL Interview with Broward County Sheriff Steve Israel is here. Listen to this edition of the program here on Spreaker or RIGHT HERE on this page: You can also listen on the go with the Spreaker app. ...

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Donald Trump: Our First Poet Laureate President? Cheers Executive Producer/Writer Rob Long, Show Notes, Dangerous Thinkers 022

Ken Timmerman

 Cheers Executive Producer/Writer Rob Long on Dangerous Thinkers    Key Points The surprising thing that people on the Left say about the president when they let their guards down Donald Trump communicates like no other president we’ve ever had Donald Trump is most temperamentally like a Hollywood star or Hollywood executive, and yet they act like he is completely foreign ...

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