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Odd Ends

There are a couple things I noticed in passing that require a bit of light shined on them. First, this report: The federal Treasury expects to collect a record $2.712 trillion in taxes on Americans and U.S. business this year, shattering the 2007 high of $2.5 trillion in taxes.   More shocking in the president’s 376-page “Historical Tables,” is the ...

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Truth is History

Crazed Sex Poodle It is said that the victor gets to write history. But what if their history is all lies? Last night I got wind of the sale of Current TV to al Jezeera. That alone should create a bit of consternation but it just keeps getting better and better- or worse and worse, depending on your point of ...

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Preview of Coming Attractions? Illinois’ Medicaid Disaster

Today the Chicago Tribune reports on Illinois’ collapsing Medicaid program. The focus of the story is the impact that proposed Medicaid cuts and the end of property tax exemptions will have on many local hospitals. Children’s Memorial Hospital would be faced with a $37 million to $50 million hole in its budget. Norwegian American Hospital could be forced to close. Swedish Covenant Hospital’s ...

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