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Holder on the Hot Seat, Obama Dazed, Confused and Busted on National Security Leaks Show Notes: The Teri O’Brien Show, 6/10/12

On this morning’s “State of the Union” on CNN, anchor Candy Crowley, CNN’s Dana Bash and Michael Shear of the Liberal Death Star (the New York Times for newbies), expressed surprised that Sen. John McCain was unwilling to forcefully assert that Barack Obama could not possibly have been involved in the recent series of dangerous national security leaks that have ...

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The Myth of Romney’s Electability, and The Reason Newt Can Win: Today on the Teri O’Brien Show

On this 39th anniversary of Dred Scott 2.0 aka Roe v. Wade, we’ll unpack the results of yesterday’s South Carolina primary, focusing on Newt Gingrich’s landslide pounding of establishment fave Mitt Romney. Governor Romney’s strength is supposedly that he can win, but as our guest John Hawkins, founder and publisher of Right Wing News pointed out in a recent piece, ...

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My Close Encounter with Newt: Today on the Teri O’Brien Show

This coming Tuesday, we’ll experience the most significant, earth-shaking event since last season’s finale of “The Bachelor,” the Iowa caucuses. Not to be dismissive of our Hawkeye friends, but let’s get real. As Michael Barone pointed out in his excellent piece, As Iowa Goes, So Goes Iowa: In the five presidential nominating cycles with active Iowa Republican caucus competition, the ...

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Last Night’s Debate: First Thoughts

Thanks to those of you who joined the chat room here at my blog during last night’s CNN GOP debate, or I should say tried to join. Early in the proceedings, I got a server error, and when I logged back in, many of you understandably had bailed. I was bummed about that, but I am confident that in the ...

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