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Hollywood Legend to Our Dear Reader: Be a Leader. Be F******g Presidential.

Cross-posted at ClashDaily It’s no surprise that actor James Woods continues to rock the Twitterverse with his criticism of Barack Obama’s policies. It’s widely rumored that there is a fairly large group of Hollywood conservatives, who exchange knowing glances and gather in furtive meetings, careful to stay closeted, lest they endanger their careers. Mr. Woods came out of the closet ...

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Is There Anything Michelle Can’t Do?

So asks actor Samuel L. Jackson, another example of the undeniable truth that actors should stick to memorizing and reciting what smart people write. From The Hill: “Michelle is Superwoman. What can’t she do?” he told Newsweek this week. “That’s why people love her. She can be on the Supreme Court and anywhere else she wants. She can be the president. She’s history ...

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