New Obama Gun Control Vote Today

Even though Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) knows he probably doesn’t have 60 votes, he’s bringing this foolishness to the floor. From The Hill:

Even though he doesn’t have the votes, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) will move ahead on legislation Wednesday to expand background checks for gun sales.

Democrats are confident they will have a potent political issue if Republicans block the bipartisan measure, noting high public support in a variety of polls.

But it is highly unlikely that there are 60 votes for the upper chamber to adopt the agreement forged by Sens. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) and Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) to expand background checks.

“We don’t know if we have 60 votes, but we don’t know that we don’t have 60,” a Democratic aide said. “It will be very close.”

Reid, however, has counted enough undecided senators to give him a shot, albeit one with long odds, at just clearing the 60-vote threshold.

Please contact your senators (link here to phone numbers and email addresses) and ask them why they would even consider supporting legislation that would have done nothing to prevent what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School last December. Isn’t that horrible crime the ostensible reason for putting more burdens on the God-given rights of law-abiding citizens? Isn’t that why we have had to endure the hideous spectacle of the parents of murdered children being flown to Washington, D.C. on Air Force One and being escorted by democrat political operatives to Congressional offices to lobby for these laws? Even the proponents of the latest round of gun control proposals admit that what they are demanding would have made no difference in Newtown. So why are we being asked to pass them in the name of Newtown? We all know the answer. The Left is all about incrementalism. The ultimate objective is to disarm the people so that they can be controlled. Any crisis, crime or other incident that they can use to further that objective is what they want, no matter how small the step is. Baby steps in the right direction down the road to serfdom will do just fine.



You Mean It Wasn’t That Scary Gun That Caused the Newtown Murderer’s Killing Spree?


Law enforcement sources say Adam Lanza was motivated by violent video games and a strong desire to kill more people than another infamous mass murderer. Sources say Lanza saw himself as being in direct competition with Anders Breivik, a Norwegian man who killed 77 people in July 2011. Breivik killed eight with a bombing in downtown Oslo. He then moved to a nearby island where hunted down and fatally shot 69 people, mostly teenagers attending a summer camp. Two officials who have been briefed on the Newtown, Conn., investigation say Lanza wanted to top Breivik’s death toll and targeted nearby Sandy Hook Elementary School because it was the “easiest target” with the “largest cluster of people.” … Evidence shows that his mind, sources say, Lanza was also likely acting out the fantasies of a video game as he killed 20 first graders and six adults at the school. For Lanza, the deaths apparently amounted to some kind of “score.” But Lanza ended his killing spree sooner than he intended. Unlike Breivik, who surrendered, Lanza killed himself as police closed in. Just before his suicide, Lanza fired some shots at police in the school’s parking lot. Officials have not publicly revealed what led them to the motive, but sources say investigators have found evidence Lanza was obsessed with Breivik. They’ve also recovered what they called a “trove” of video games from the basement of Lanza’s home. Sources say Lanza spent countless hours there alone, in a private gaming room with the windows blacked out, honing his computer shooting skills.

What say you, Barack? Joe? Chris Dodd? Bueler?

State of the Union Preview, Part 2: Guns Bad Speech Delivered in Building Protected by People with Guns

For at least four years, we’ve been told that Barack Hussein Obama (Praise be his name) is going to “pivot” back to the economy, and we’re hearing some more of the same drivel in the lead up to tonight’s State of the Union speech. Don’t count on it. I’m expecting the Inaugural address on steroids, something along the lines of FDR’s “Four Freedoms” speech, or as the Washington Times calls it “a conservative’s nightmare come true.”

The number one item on the list for this bunch, who despise the Constitution’s brilliant system of separation of powers and limited government, is doing something about that annoying 2nd Amendment. So, tonight we’ll see several mascots, intended to help the Obamabot avoid letting the Sandy Hook crisis go to waste. From Politico:

The White House and Democratic lawmakers have invited more than 30 shooting victims or their surviving family members and friends to attend Obama’s speech, including several people tied to the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. Former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.), severely wounded in a Jan. 2011 shooting, will be there. And first lady Michelle Obama will be accompanied by the parents of Hadiya Pendleton, a 15-year-old Chicago teenager shot to death last month, shortly after she took part in the inaugural parade.

Politico also reports in this story that

[t]he Democrats will also hold a press conference Tuesday with Mayors Against Illegal Guns, the organization, backed by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg that is pouring tens of millions of dollars into the political struggle over gun control.

Also Tuesday, Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), a close Obama ally, chaired a subcommittee hearing in the Judiciary Committee on reducing gun violence while “respecting the Second Amendment,” focusing on current gun trafficking laws and proposals to strengthen them.

Now we can all relax, knowing that Dick “Eddie Haskell” Durbin is protecting the 2nd Amendment.

Meanwhile, the Left is becoming even more unhinged than usual over the decision by Rep. Steve Stockman (R-Texas) to bring Ted Nugent to this pointless campaign speech. How dare he do that! Doesn’t he understand that this event is along the lines of the sort of pageants that are telecast on North Korean TV, designed to showcase the brilliant eloquence of the Dear Reader and make us grateful for his benevolence toward us, his subjects?

Who will protect us from our protectors?

From Conservative Action Alerts:

It didn’t take long for the megalomaniacs and opportunists in Washington to exploit the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, as a pretext for another attempt to annul the Second Amendment and expand their power.

Never one to let a good crisis go to waste, President Obama signed a series of executive actions expanding federal gun control, all while flanked by children who had written him letters after the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre. While the event was an excellent photo op for the president, his executive orders are an egregious violation of the U.S. Constitution. Executive orders are only intended to direct the staff of the executive branch in the enforcement of current laws, not to create new laws by a stroke of the pen. But Americans have grown accustomed to presidents issuing pharaonic edicts, and although Obama’s latest usurpation is indeed an impeachable offense, Congress will do nothing.…

History suggests we keep a sharp eye on our “watchmen” and continue to cling to our guns, lest we suffer the fate of so many others. This is not paranoia, nor is it sedition. It’s just common sense.

Wise words indeed.

Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America Reacts to Obama’s Skeet Shooting Scam-Today on The Teri O’Brien Show

With the Middle East in flames, al Qaeda on the march, and many unanswered questions about the murder of 4 Americans in Benghazi, liberal icon/practiced liar Hillary Rodham Clinton not only managed to avoid the inevitable vicious attacks from the vast right-wing conspiracy as she left office as Secretary of State. Her exit path was strewn with flowers, as even Republican senators slobbered all over her and praised her to the skies for the terrific job she has done. Apparently frequent flyer miles count for a lot, since many of us are having a hard time identifying any other achievement for the former New York senator and serial adultery victim.

Meanwhile, the Obama administration continues to entertain and disturb us with unintentional comedy, not only the pathetic performance of Sec. Of Defense nominee Chuck Hagel. They are also attempting to do anything to distract us from our limping economy. Sayeth the Dear Reader: Pay no attention to those anemic job numbers, Subjects. Behold what I am doing for the children with gun control and amnesty for illegals!

After the Sandy Hook murders in Newtown, CT, sensing a good opportunity to exploit a crisis, Barack Obama and his left-wing, 2nd Amendment hating posse pulled their precious gun control plans out of a drawer, dusted them off, and put Joe Biden on the case. Joe promptly committed another gaffe, as in told the truth about the futility of their gun grabbing plans. I guess he figured if “what difference does it make?” worked out so well for his likely 2016 rival, Hillary Clinton, why not steal that line? After all, he has been known to, shall we say, borrow from other people’s speeches.

We’ll ask our special guest Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America his reaction to Biden’s admission, as well as yesterday’s release of a ridiculous photo of Barack Obama skeet shooting at Camp David. What an amazing coincidence!  Apparently years of successfully running a con on millions of Americans has inspired a high degree of overconfidence in this bunch. Note to Obama and his PR flacks: one phony photo op depicting the One awkwardly handling a shotgun does not assuage our concerns about his hostility to the 2nd amendment. It is insufficient to overcome decades of statements, actions and votes the prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Barack Obama does not believe in the individual right to keep and bear arms. This is a man who, as our guest John Lott reminded us, back in the 1990’s, actively participated in Chicago’s attempt to sue gun manufacturers out of existence, and told his colleague Prof. Lott that he didn’t believe people should be able to own guns. This is also the man who appointed Eric Holder, who said that we need to “brainwash” people to be hostile to private gun ownership. As a candidate for the Illinois State Senate in 1996, Obama promised to support a ban on “the manufacture, sale & possession of handguns. Even if he does enjoy skeet shooting, that hobby, like hunting, has nothing to do with why the Founders included the 2nd amendment in our precious Constitution.

And, today is Super Bowl Sunday, and Wednesday is the anniversary of Ronald Reagan’s birth. We’ll celebrate both by getting your take on this year’s crop of Super Bowl commercials, some of which are definitely NOT G-rated, and by getting the inside story about attempts to raze Ronald Reagan’s boyhood apartment in Chicago. Is it really going to be torn down and replaced by a parking lot for Barack Obama’s presidential library? We’ll talk to the woman spearheading attempts to save it, Mary Claire Kendall.

Tune in today for the rest of the story.


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Groupon Joins Dick’s Sporting Goods in Folding to Anti-Freedom Morons

UPDATE: You can also post a comment on Groupon’s Facebook page.

From the Lost Angeles Times:

Groupon Inc. has stopped all current and future gun-related deals, bowing to customer pressure a month after the deadly mass shooting in Newtown, Conn.

The Chicago company said it has canceled existing and planned discounts for shooting ranges, conceal-and-carry and clay shooting.

A statement from Groupon didn’t specify the company’s motives or when it would resume such deals, other than to say that the “category is under review following recent customer and merchant feedback.”

Customer feedback? I’ll give you consumer feedback. If you, like me, are a Groupon customer, and are distressed by this reactive and anti-freedom decision, please let them know. There’s a “Contact Us” button on this page.I suggest that you keep it pithy, and avoid any highly ideological remarks. Here’s what I wrote:

I have purchased several items from Groupon, and I have been generally pleased by the experience. I subscribe to your daily emails, and have your iPhone app. As I loyal customer, I want you to know that I was EXTREMELY disappointed to read that you have suspended any gun-related Groupons. Regardless of what you think about the civil liberties in the 2nd amendment, is this sort of reactive action the best way to make a decision? Seriously? I plan to give you a week to revisit your decision and correct it. If you don’t, I will have no choice but to reluctantly terminate my business relationship with Groupon. Thanks.

Keep in mind that the vast majority of Groupon customers and employees are 20 and 30-something, urban dwelling, Obama-supporting, low-information types, so any attempts to talk to them about the purpose of the 2nd amendment, or the Constitution will be pointless. They just need to hear from you that they are making a bad, reactive decision that could be bad for business. Right now they are hearing only from that afore-mentioned low-infos.

If you saw my post about yesterday’s Inaugural address, in which the One gave the finger to anyone who doesn’t support his “progressive” agenda, and a rallying cry to his Red Guards against any counter-revolutionaries, you know that his plan is to continue the “3M” (Massage and Mobilize Morons) strategy that worked so well in the presidential election. If we want to take back our country, we need to realize that we no longer have the luxury of ignoring the assaults on liberty, even something that seems as silly as a decision by Groupon. It’s like the death of a thousand cuts, and we need to respond to every one of them.

Barack Obama Puts on a Clinic in Demagoguery

Another Dear Leader who was interested in oppressing his people "for the children"

Another Dear Leader who was interested in oppressing his people “for the children”

Yesterday, as his apparatchiks in the Lame Stream Media perfectly executed Stage 2 of The 3 Stages in Arguing with a Liberal, Barack Obama shamelessly exploited the killing of children to advance an agenda that has nothing to do with its ostensible reason, to prevent future tragedies like the one at Sandy Hook School.

As promised, his announcement of his power grab featured kiddie human shields, with the Leader of the Free World suggesting that we should stomp on our sacred, God-given rights based on the scrawled pleas of frightened seven and eight year olds, and the desperate, grief-driven emotions of the surviving parents of murdered children. Let me borrow a phrase from the bloated oil whore, Al Gore, and mention a couple of inconvenient truths; specifically,

(1) As I have told you for years, originating back in the mid 1990′s here at, and later on every iteration of The Teri O’Brien Show, when the Left is attempting to steal your money and your freedom, which are actually the same thing, they always invoke “the children.” It’s disgusting, exploitative and all too predictable. Let me repeat another truth that I can’t say enough. These people have to get some new writers!

(2) The last time we were told that we should make important public policy based on the recommendations of children was when the King of the Useful Idiots, Jimmuh Carter, shared the fact that his ideas on preventing nuclear annihilation came from his ten-year-old daughter Amy. Outside of his fellow liberal fools, that assertion from our 39th president was greeted with mocking laughter. Yesterday’s silly, cringe-inducing dog and pony show deserves the same response.

(3) As much as our hearts go out to the parents of murdered children, and the other survivors of violent crime, let me say something that no one wants to hear, and that some might think is cruel to mention; that is, they are the very last people who should be making decisions about changes in the laws affecting our 2nd Amendment rights. As Aristotle so correctly stated, “the law is reason free from passion.” Grieving parents are not capable of an objective evaluation of policy alternatives, at least not while their pain is still raw. It is precisely that raw pain that elitist demagogues like B. Hussein Obama want to capitalize on to advance their anti-freedom agenda.

(4) When the Left starts talking about “common sense” as they gloss over the details of precisely what they mean by that benign phrase, be afraid. Be very afraid. One frequently mentioned aspect of this latest batch of “common sense” laws and regulations to stop “gun violence,” which allegedly no one can reasonably oppose is “universal” background checks. How can anyone oppose that “common sense” proposal? Gee, perhaps because it means that the boot of the federal government would be on the neck of every American who wants to give a firearm to his son, daughter or other family member? Should you really have to be subjected to reams of bureaucratic red tape just to do that? Just like “universal” health care, “universal” background checks will require a level of coercion by an ever-expanding federal government that would horrify most Americans if they thought of the implications of such a policy.

(5) As noted in this post, the NRA did an excellent ad, calling out Obama as the liberal elitist hypocrite that he is. The screeching and gnashing of teeth by the Left shows that they hit their target (no pun intended).