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Ronald Reagan is NOT to blame for Obamacare, Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show, Sunday,1-4-15

President Reagan

Ronald Reagan is NOT to blame for Obamacare The Teri O’Brien Show, Sunday,1-4-15   Thanks to danasongs.com and incompetech.com for some of the music that we use on the program. Links to stories we discussed on the show are below. In this episode, you’ll learn the answers to the following questions: Why do some liberals, and even some conservatives, assert that Ronald Reagan laid the groundwork ...

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State (Hate) of The Union Preview, Boehner’ Buffonery, Wendy Davis’ Martyrdom: Today On The Teri O’Brien Show, 1-26-14

This morning, according to an ABC News poll, only 37 percent of Americans trust Barack “I’ve got a pen and a cell phone” Obama to make the right decisions for the country. Thirty seven percent? I didn’t know Barack Obama had that many relatives, at least not in this country. No worries, though, Obama Kool-Aid drinkers, I’m sure that he’ll ...

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East Coast Brain Rot Explained: A Primer for Real Americans

(Note: The term “Real Americans” refers to those of us outside the Washington, D.C. inside-the-beltway bubble.) I think I may have first realized it after an unfortunate self-inflicted overdose of watching Dana Perino, Karl Rove and Matthew Dowd on television. Suddenly, after hearing the phrase, “those Tea Party crazies have killed the Republican brand” one time too many, I had ...

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Howard Dean, Four Years Late, Should Apologize to Sarah Palin.

Oh wait. He didn’t say that the Independent Payment Advisory Board is a “death panel.” In his op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, he said it is “a health-care rationing body.” From the WSJ op-ed: One major problem is the so-called Independent Payment Advisory Board. The IPAB is essentially a health-care rationing body. By setting doctor reimbursement rates for Medicare ...

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Careful what you justify

Photo: H/T Sodahead I recall a debate with my ‘moderate’ brother involving the waterboarding of Khalid Sheik Mohamhed. When pressed on whether saving thousands of lives or the “harsh interrogation” of one murderer, he claimed the reason we don’t waterboard people has nothing to do with The Geneva Conventions but, rather, who we are as a people: “Americans just don’t ...

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Guccifer and his Pet Crickets

A little over a month ago, the hacker extraordinaire Guccifer pilfered the sister of former President George W. Bush’s e-mail account. The press had a field day chortling over self-portraits President Bush painted of himself. Not so funny was the e-mail that disclosed George H.W. Bush was so close to his maker that a team was practicing for his imminent ...

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Rep. Akin, This is No Time for Ego. It’s Time to Say Goodbye.

Those who know me well will vouch for the fact that I am not a fan of unsolicited advice. If there’s one thing I never want to be it’s what we lawyers call “the officious intermeddler,” what regular people would call someone who hasn’t learned to mind his own business. I also despise the knee-jerk impulse by most politicians to ...

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New York Times “Uncovers” Evil GOP Super PAC plot to “Smear” and “Dehumanize” Barack Obama by Connecting Him to the Man Who Baptized His Children

Several weeks ago, the several dozen people watching Rev. Al Sharpton’s unintentionally hilarious show on the 24/7 nuthouse, MS-NBC, would have thought that Trayvon Martin’s parents had become co-hosts of the show. Now that the whole “racist, profiling, trigger-happy white Hispanic” fairy tale has completely unraveled, Al was heard asking “Trayvon Who?” He has moved on to another racially-charged bombshell, ...

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