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Reparations Have to Start Somewhere: Cost of Obama Vacations Since 2009 Tops $70 Million


Obamas Continue to Enjoy Their Well-Deserved Reparations. Get Back to Work, Serfs! As we have noted many times here, and on The Teri O’Brien Show, the Obamas support reparations from racist Amerika, and they’re doing everything they can to make them happen. From The Daily Mail:On Tuesday, Judicial Watch complained that it took DHS two years to fulfill its records request, ...

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529 Plans: Obama’s Lies, Broken Promises and Hypocrisy on Display AGAIN as They Make War on The Middle Class

Yes We Can

Barack Obama wants everyone to go to college, right? He’s been jetting across the country, lying to audiences of squealing, clapping backward children about that ever since he rolled out his idea for “free” community college. So why would he propose destroying one of the methods that middle class families have been using to save to send their kids to ...

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In Iraq, in Libya, in Syria, and all Over, Obama Leading from Behind, or From His Behind: Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show, 8-10-14

ISIS on the March, Obama on the Links Obama enjoys golf on Martha’s Vineyard | Video | Reuters.com (and in the foursome, Valerie Jarrett’s squeeze Ahman Rashad,  the former Bobby Moore, who changed his name when he converted to Islam–see next story) NBC’s Ahmad Rashad ‘dating senior adviser to Barack Obama Valerie Jarrett’ | Mail Online White House Wants Repeal of ...

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Moochelle’s Latest Luxury Getaway on the Down Low

  Obviously, sitting in that makeup chair, posing for soon-to-be Photoshopped Vogue covers and terrorizing a staff is exhausting! For some reason, Moochelle’s peeps didn’t publicize her latest vacation, but those trusty newshounds at the WaPo found out anyway: Hey isn’t that… First lady Michelle Obama spending a quiet weekend in Middleburg with daughters Malia and Sasha in tow at ...

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Vote Fraud in Ohio, Justified by Obama’s “Right” To Be President, Based on Black Skin Privilege: Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show, 3-23-14


Vote Fraud in Ohio Made Obama a 2nd-term President. LISTEN HERE. Thanks again to Prof. Paul Kengor for returning to the show to talk about his TERRIFIC new book, 11 Principles of a Reagan Conservative. It would make an ideal graduation gift for a youngster! 11 Principles of a Reagan Conservative: Paul Kengor: 9780825306990: Amazon.com: Books We didn’t have time to ...

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Michelle’s Latest Junket and The Politics of Black Skin Privilege:Today On The Teri O’Brien Show, 3-23-14

The Obamas, the most successful race hustlers in the history of this country, continue to play their skin game and exploit their black skin privilege, while the lap dog media continues to dangle shiny objects like the missing Malaysian aircraft, “March Madness,” andbootleg butt injections (and you thought it was just Michelle’s arms that people envied!) before the American people. ...

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Michelle Obama, Daughters and Mother Robinson Enjoying Their Reparations in China, But Hotel Staff Isn’t (and They Probably Won’t Get a Tip)

As you know, Moochelle Obama, her daughters Sasha and Malia, and Mother Robinson, touched down in China for another well-deserved vacation disguised as a “diplomatic mission” to insure that taxpayers foot a large portion of the bill, even though the Regime has imposed a news black out on the trip. She and her entourage, at least 70 of which are ...

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How Much Did Her Latest Luxury Vacation Cost? None of Your Business. The News Black Out on Michelle Obama’s Latest Luxury Vacation to China

I guess it might be a tad awkward to distract the American public from the “news” about the missing Malaysian aircraft or unauthorized butt injections, or other shiny objects by talking about Michelle’s latest luxury boondoggle, particularly given the fact that the Regime plans to spend the next six months bemoaning “income inequality,” and the cruelty of their political opponents. ...

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Our Caring Dear Leader Shows His Enormous Caring Again

First published at Clash Daily If there’s one thing we know about our Dear Reader, Barack Hussein Obama (Praise be his name), it’s that he cares about people, especially the little people, that 47% that that rich, selfish Mitt Romney dissed during that infamous appearance in front of a group of equally selfish, greedy, uncaring rich people. Everybody knows that ...

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Obama Daughters Enjoy Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous: Show Notes 3-31-13

Thanks to our guest, Professor Gary Wolfram of Hillsdale College, and congratulations to him on the terrific book, A Capitalist Manifesto. NetGalley Catalog (link to Professor Wolfram’s book–don’t miss it!) Exclusive: Judicial Watch Investigating Cost of Sasha, Malia Bahamas Trip Sasha and Malia Obama ‘Learn What They Live’ | Jeannie-ology Exclusive: Sasha, Malia Obama Vacation at Bahamas’ ‘Atlantis’ Resort Chuck Grassley writing ...

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