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Mr. President! Inauguration Special: Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show, 1-22-2017


 Obama Gone! Good Riddance! President Donald J. Trump! Making America Great Again Starts Now! Listen to this episode here using the player on the right of this page, or here on spreaker.com. Links to stories we discussed on the show are below.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In this episode: Dishonest Media Goes Into Orbit When President Trump Won’t Play Their Alinskyite Game Pick up your ...

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FLASHBACK: “I Don’t Like Mondays”

I don't like Mondays

Remember this song from the 1980’s, “I Don’t Like Mondays?” I was talking to the other two gym goddesses this morning about this song by the Boomtown Rats, led by Bob Geldolf, which is my Monday morning alarm song. Remember it? You may not remember that it was inspired by a January, 1979 school shooting. From The New York Daily ...

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Chris Harper Mercer, Roseburg Shooter, Was Linked on MySpace to Islamic Fanatic

As we suspected, Roseburg shooter had sympathies with Islamic fanatics.   Yesterday, after reports emerged on various media outlets that the Roseburg shooter targeted Christians, while at the same time withholding his name, some of us naturally speculated that he might be one of those Islamic fanatics that we’ve heard something about in the last few years. When his name, ...

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We Need More Nut Control, Not More Gun Control: Show Notes, 12/16/12

Thanks to our guest Les Standiford, author of Desperate Sons. Desperate Sons: Samuel Adams, Patrick Henry, John Hancock, and the Secret Bands of Radicals Who Led the Colonies to War: Les Standiford: 9780061899553: Amazon.com: Books Jurassic Media enjoys the Sandy Hill tragedy WAY too much, probably because, as noted here, it is tailor-made to advance several liberal agenda items; specifically, ...

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