Stick a Fork in It. Obamacare, Not Your Half Brother. Show Notes, 11/25/12

Caller Shirley Husar, columnist for the Washington Times communities, weighs in on the need for the GOP to reach out to black and Latino voters, and stressed the need for direct, personal contact in local communities.

Republicans: An old, white, dying breed of voter? | Washington Times Communities

My unfortunate encounter with the officious intermeddling know it all know nothing at a big box retailer on Black Friday. I wanted to say “Dude, you can’t carry my jock when it comes to computers, so please put a sock in it,” which is probably why I remembered Woody Allen’s longing for a sock full of horse manure while in a movie line listening to some pontificating, insufferable gasbag.

Speaking of insufferable gasbags, Barack Obama’s lifelong dream of federal government takeover of health care, thereby giving the power of life and death over every American may not be a done deal after all. The genius of the Founders strikes again. Sec. of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius generously extends the deadline for states to set up health insurance exchanges, which may not really be as generous as it looks, since even though the deadline for setting them up was supposed to be 11/16/12, but the regulations telling the states what constitutes a plan with “essential health benefits” weren’t released until 11/20/12. Gee, Obama and his band of merry Marxists rammed this scheme through Congress over two years ago. Why would they wait so long to issue regulations?

Obama Administration Sits on Key Regulations – (from this article: “When it comes to health care, delaying regulations could help the president politically by avoiding discussion of the controversial health reform law. But that makes life difficult for states and industries that need to prepare for the coming changes.”)

Administration Defines Benefits Under Health Law –

Sebelius Again Extends Deadline on Health Exchanges –

James Capretta and Yuval Levin: Why ObamaCare Is Still No Sure Thing –

The PJ Tatler » How the Implementation of Obamacare Will Make the GOP a Majority Party

How To Prepare For New 1-1-2013 Obamacare Tax Hikes | Economy

Property Owners Face a New Federal Surtax –

Unintentionally hilarious story from the Stanford University paper in which professor proves with a poll done in conjunction with the AP that if Americans really knew what was in Obamacare, approval of it would go from 32% to 70%. Unfortunately that’s only if what’s really in it is misrepresented.

What does Obamacare actually do, you ask? You’re not alone, says Stanford pollster.

Remember what I always tell you. B. Hussein’s vision is the Cook County-ization of the entire country. Want a preview of coming attractions?

Illinois Medicaid limits off to difficult transition – Chicago Tribune

Illinois Medicaid Cuts Will Hit a System Already in Crisis –

Useful idiot of the week, documentarian/taxpayer mooching Ken Burns, praises the joys of government and once again demonstrates his obsession with race on “Meet the Press.” I guess I can’t blame him for being enthusiastic about government, since he’s gotten rich taking money from it.

MS-NBC Screamer Chris Matthews waxes about freedom in a moronic promo filmed at Mt. Rushmore, giving me an opportunity to straighten out another confused liberal, who thinks that the administration of the death penalty and the decisions that will be made by the Obamacare rationing board, the IPAB, are morally equivalent. My work is never done.

Don’t You Hate It When Liberal Agendas Collide, and Other Random Thoughts | Teri O’Brien – America’s Original Conservative Warrior Princess

As we well know, the Left cannot debate issues, which is why they rely on the Cult of the Personality and character assassination, hence the demonization of Marco Rubio, which has already begun.

The Critiquelator takes on deranged, race-obsessed professor who asks “What if Barack Obama were a white man?” Wait-isn’t he?

Thanksgiving was always my favorite holiday, which is why i HATE the media obsession with showing people acting like crazed maniacs on Black Friday (and now even on Thanksgiving Day) over great deals on smartphones and flat screen TVs. Is this really necessary in life? Meanwhile, a Maryland woman stabs her half brother with a serving fork on Thanksgiving. The story didn’t say what the fight was about. Did he take the last piece of pumpkin pie?

Md. Woman Charged With Stabbing Brother With Fork At Thanksgiving Dinner « CBS Baltimore

Here Are Your Worst Thanksgiving Horror Stories

Obama Campaign Desperation on Display: Show Notes, the Teri O’Brien Show, 6/3/12

As panic increases as reality sinks in in Chicago, desperation increases, resulting in leaking of national security information and efforts to facilitate vote fraud

Thought experiment: Substitute “George W. Bush” for “Barack Obama” when you read this story. Does the phrase “war criminal” spring to mind? Secret ‘Kill List’ Tests Obama’s Principles –

Are these leaks being done to burnish BHO’s election prospects, national security be damned?

Rep. Peter King says leak of bomb plot “criminal” – Political Hotsheet – CBS News

UPDATE: Who is Leaking About Cyberattacks? « Commentary Magazine

#129: Another congressman joins Fast and Furious charge against Holder as contempt proceedings loom on horizon | The Daily Caller

Holder to Florida: Stop checking records for illegal voters – National Law Enforcement |

MA Democrats: No Entry to Convention Without Photo ID

Four fundraisers on Friday, More Next Week

Obama Returns to Chicago Home to Sleep, Cook, ‘Putter in My Backyard’ – ABC News

California offers Obama and Romney prime fundraising –

Liberal columnist Mickey Kaus asks the question on everyone’s lips: RealClearPolitics – Does Obama Really Believe His Own BS?

Mouchelle’s Mom-in-Chief Masquerade

First Phony Michelle Obama’s Top 3 Lies on ABC’s “The View” | Teri O’Brien – America’s Original Conservative Warrior Princess

Phony Michelle’s Mom-in-Chief Masquerade, Part 2: Racism in the Ugly Campaign | Teri O’Brien – America’s Original Conservative Warrior Princess

Michelle’s Mom-in-Chief Masquerade | Teri O’Brien – America’s Original Conservative Warrior Princess

Axelrod v. Holder: Valerie Jarrett Breaks it up

War in the White House: attorney general Eric Holder and top Obama adviser David Axelrod ‘had to be separated’ – Telegraph

On day of release of hideous job numbers, Obama administration releases video promoting fundraiser featuring Anna “Devil Wears Prada” Wintour, hoping the peasants will contribute to Obama’s campaign to win a chance to go to dinner at Sarah Jessica Parker’s house. Wait …Romney is a “vampire” who likes to “fire” people, but now your spokesperson is the boss from hell?

Marathon Pundit: Still the biggest celebrity: Obama’s first 2012 ad to run during unserious MTV Movie Awards

Seriously? This is what they think will work? Why Obama’s Senior Strategists Think He’ll Beat Mitt Romney — New York Magazine

The Ivy League education on display: Obama wants to give you $3000 to buy a Thingamajig… – Tea Party Command Center

When you’ve lost MoDo, you’ve lost America: Dreaming of a Superhero –

Good news: Romney ahead: Daily Presidential Tracking Poll – Rasmussen Reports™

Delusional Democrats on Parade: Today on the Teri O’Brien Show

We find ourselves in fascinating times. With five months until the 2012 election, the economy continues to stagnate, as last Friday’s abysmal job numbers demonstrated again. Team Obama has responded with an endless agenda of taxpayer-subsidized campaign fundraisers. Bashar Assad continues to slaughter his people, while the American administration that freely sent firearms into Mexico to arm drug kingpins carrying on their own bloodbath, claims that it can’t arm the Syrian opposition because they don’t know where the guns might end up. Militant homosexual activists continue their relentless assault on traditional marriage. There’s a lot going on. Still, last week left many scratching their heads, pondering one question; specifically, who is more delusional, Barack Obama or John Edwards? The former, continues to refuse responsibility for the unfortunate situation we’re in, preferring to whine incessantly about the parade of horribles that he “inherited” which prevent him from keeping his lofty 2008 campaign promises. The latter, after successfully avoiding time in the slammer, subjected us to a bizarre, cringe-inducing performance on the courthouse steps, apparently oblivious to the fact that, while God may not be done with him, we certainly are. In addition to sharing an affinity for narcissistic disconnect from reality, they also have another thing in common. Their cheerleaders in the Jurassic media obsess about their hair. Sadly, it’s not what’s on the outside of their heads where the focus needs to be, but rather with the jumbled up mess that’s on the insides. This morning, George Will nailed it when he compared the One to a famous communist.

The Romney campaign has found its voice, and its message, one that is guaranteed to resonate with a public fed up with lies, broken promises and fixes that never solve problems. This line of attack is brilliant, and now that Romney has signaled that, unlike McCain, he actually intends to run a campaign, there is panic, and also a fair amount of delusion, in Chicago. You won’t believe why they think they can win, and the issue that they think will carry them across the finish line.

In the performance of lifetime, Michelle “Mom-in-Chief” Obama conducted a non-stop media blitz, masquerading as a cross between Martha Stewart and Donna Reed in an effort to appeal to low-information, emotionally-driven female voters

On Tuesday, Gov. Scott Walker will win his recall election to the surprise of no one except MS-NBC’s Ed Schulz and the several hundred people who watch his train wreck of a show.

Tune in today for the rest of the story.
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