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Dangerous Thinkers: Author and Investigative Journalist Kenneth Timmerman

Ken Timmerman

Ken Timmerman is a prolific writer. His latest book, ISIS Begins: A Novel of Iraq dramatizes the story about the rise of the heinous terrorist organization, and his must-read non-fiction books explain and reveal the truth about Benghazi.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Books by Ken Timmerman: ISIS Begins: A Novel of Iraq Dark Forces: The Truth of What Happened in Benghazi Deception: The ...

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These Things Disqualify Hillary Clinton From Being POTUS


There are more things that disqualify Hillary Clinton from being president than Bill has aliases at the free clinic, but here are just a few. In any rational universe, Hillary Clinton would be negotiating a plea bargain, not measuring the drapes in the Oval Office. Corruption Driven by Insatiable Greed When the Clintons left the White House, as Hillary has famously said, ...

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WATCH: BOMBSHELL: Citizens United Email Reveals That Clinton Campaign May Have Manipulated Benghazi Hearing

Citizens United

Citizens United email bombshell! So much for independent oversight. A newly-released email, provided to Fox News by Citizens United, strongly suggests that Hillary and her peeps coordinated with Sen. Bob Menendez to make sure she got to recite her talking points at the January 23, 2013 hearing, famous for the cringe-inducing “what difference at this point does it make?” moment. ...

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WATCH: Chris Matthews Rips Mother of Dead Benghazi Hero


I guess this speech didn’t give Chris Matthews that thrill up his leg. This comment about Mrs. Smith by Chris Matthews is right up there with Hillary’s ridiculously arrogant and callous “what difference at this point does it make?” Speaking of that, watch him here, from back in 2013, talk about how that performance should “intelligence, eloquence and charm.” He ...

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Benghazi Takeaways, Part III


Even though all the media outlets that get take their agenda and their list of stories from the Liberal Death Star aka The New York Times keep telling us that there’s “nothing new,” and “nothing to see here” in the House Select Committee’s Benghazi report, as we have seen here and here, that’s NOT true. There are many important takeaways. ...

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WATCH: Pat Smith, Mother of Benghazi Victim: Hillary is a Liar


The mother of Benghazi victim, Sean Smith, is still waiting for Hillary to call her and explain that Mrs. Smith’s son wasn’t murdered because of a silly YouTube video. I watched this live yesterday right after I got home from physical therapy (UGH!), and even with my ice bag, it didn’t make me feel any better. It rips your heart ...

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Benghazi Takeaways, Part II


The House Benghazi report is a treasure trove of information, not that you would know that from listening to the Lame Stream Media. Why, two weeks after the Benghazi terrorist attack, did Obama go on ABC’s “The View” with his repellant wife, to pitch the lie that he didn’t know it was terrorism? You know the answer; that is, to ...

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Benghazi Report Takeaways, Part I


The Liberal Death Star aka The New York Times headline, “House Benghazi Report Finds No New Evidence of Wrongdoing by Hillary Clinton,” is intentionally deceptive, and continues the media’s effort to cover for her incompetence and indifference about 4 brave Americans murdered on her watch. Check this out. Here are the first two paragraphs from today’s Liberal Death Star article about the ...

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Hillary Explains Why People Don’t Trust Her: Vast Right Wing Conspiracy


During a campaign appearance in Chicago, speaking to Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow PUSH coalition, Hillary Clinton vowed to regain voters’ trust after lies by right wing conspiracy has destroyed it.     Are you buying this latest from Mrs. Clinton? From The Washington Post: Hillary Clinton said Monday that she knows many voters have doubts and suspicions about her, something she ...

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New Judicial Watch Memos Confirm Benghazi Lies


They confirm that Benghazi attack was planned 10 days in advance and that the date, 9/11, was no coincidence. Gee, the Benghazi attack wasn’t caused by a moronic YouTube video that no one saw? The memos also state that 17 months before the Jackass-in-Chief called ISIS the “JV team,” it would turn into the “caliphate” that it has become. From ...

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