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Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch is the Son of Ann Burford Gorsuch, Reagan’s EPA Director


  Judge Neil Gorsuch of the 10th Circuit is the son Ann Gorsuch Burford, who served as Ronald Reagan’s head of the Environmental Protection Agency. Ms. Burford passed away in 2004. From the obituary in the Washington Post: Her 22-month tenure was one of the most controversial of the early Reagan administration. A firm believer that the federal government, and specifically ...

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WATCH: Then and Now: Sen. Obama Rips President Bush Katrina Response


Remember Hurricane Katrina? The usual liberals were acting from the usual liberal playbook. Feigned outrage and name-calling are their favorite predictable ploys. Hurricane Katrina: The silly comedian who was THE news source for moronic millennials,  Jon Stewart, called it President George W. Bush’s “Monica Lewinsky moment.” (and naturally had to refer to Ms. Lewinsky’s lady parts), Dullard rapper Kanye West ...

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Best Brexit Commentary Ever! Stupid Millennials


I am a big fan of Paul Joseph Watson, and his recent commentary on the delightful Brexit result is one of the best I’ve seen. Brexit anyone? Clearly Mr. Watson shares my joy over the vote that the U.K. should exit the European Union, as well as my distress over the jaw-dropping ignorance of far too many millennials. And so should ...

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