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How Many Billions Do Illegal Aliens and Anchor Babies Cost You? Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show, 12-11-2016

anchor babies

 Illegal aliens are cashing in BIG TIME at your expense. Have you heard of Optional Practical Training Program, which allows illegals to work in the U.S. and be excused from paying payroll taxes? Did you know illegals get tax refunds even if their Social Security numbers don’t match their names? Listen to this episode here using the player on the right ...

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DNC Convention: Berned Sanders Supporters Chant “Lock Her Up”


Does this mean Democrats are “plagiarizing” from the Republicans who originated this “Lock Her Up” chant last week in Cleveland? Does Chris Cuomo know that Democrats are chanting something “unoriginal?” Gee, I guess Bernie Sanders supporters don’t appreciate a fraud being perpetrated on them by what they thought was their own party. The Washington Post reported on the Russian hacking ...

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Nearly Half of Sanders Millennial Supporters Would Vote Third-Party


More bad news for Hillary, even after that “inspiring” bobblehead performance while watching Bernie Sanders deliver his socialist manifesto. From The Hill: Nearly half of millennials supporting Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders are thinking about backing a third-party candidate, according to data and local discussion on Yik Yak, a location-based social network. The poll — which asked Sanders supporters whether the Vermont ...

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Here We Go: Hillary To Announce Student Loan Forgiveness Plan


Hillary isn’t about to let Bernie be the only one to offerhe  people, especially ignorant millennials, free stuff. Children, remember, this is socialism. Students who overwhelmingly feel the Bern, Hillary has a big surprise for you! From The Washington Examiner: Presumptive Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton is expected to unveil a plan to defer student loan payments for young entrepreneurs while ...

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As Venezuela Collapses, Bernie Sanders and Hugo Chavez Pal Attend Warriors Game


Bernie Sanders, who refuses to comment on the collapse of socialist Venezuela, hangs out with Danny Glover, YUGE fan of man who caused it, Hugo Chavez. Avowed “democratic socialist,” Sen. Bernie Sanders has refused to answer question about the horrific conditions in the collapsing socialist country, Venezuela. Last fall, he tried to distance himself from the deepening crisis in that ...

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