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Sen. Schumer’s Public Meltdown, Screams at Wife of Carter Cabinet Member Who Voted for Pres. Trump


Bad Manners: Repellant, extremely partisan leftist democrat senator, Chuck Schumer Like all “liberals” (what a perversion of that word, another example of how the left corrupts the language), the senator does not like it when people have the effrontery to disagree with him, and they aren’t going to let quaint ideas like “good manners” stop them from getting in the ...

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Chaz Bono Demands Help for Illegal Household Help: Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show, 3-12-2017

Chaz Bono

NEW FEATURE: Celebutard Corner Featuring Chaz Bono Whining About Deportation of Illegal Alien Housekeeper and–get this Housekeeper’s helper! Plus, Obamacare Lite is not the answer, and it will not only not solve the problem of skyrocketing health care costs, it will be a political disaster for President Trump and the GOP. Listen to this episode here using the player on ...

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Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch is the Son of Ann Burford Gorsuch, Reagan’s EPA Director


  Judge Neil Gorsuch of the 10th Circuit is the son Ann Gorsuch Burford, who served as Ronald Reagan’s head of the Environmental Protection Agency. Ms. Burford passed away in 2004. From the obituary in the Washington Post: Her 22-month tenure was one of the most controversial of the early Reagan administration. A firm believer that the federal government, and specifically ...

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