It’s About Time: IL Bishop Supports Priest Who Tells Dick “Eddie Haskell” Durbin No Communion for You

From Matt C. Abbott at Renew America:

A pro-life activist recently emailed Bishop Thomas J. Paprocki of Springfield, Ill., regarding pro-abortion “Catholic” U.S. Senator Dick Durbin, D-Ill.

Bishop Paprocki responded:
Dear Mr. [name redacted], Senator Durbin was informed several years ago by his pastor at Blessed Sacrament Parish here in Springfield that he was not permitted to receive Holy Communion per canon 915 of the Code of Canon Law. My predecessor upheld that decision and it remains in effect. It is my understanding that the senator is complying with that decision here in the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois.
Good for Bishop Paprocki!

I second that! I wish that the next time the pudgy huckster showed up on a talking head show the “reporter” would ask him about this decision, don’t you?

Where are the bishops in California to do the same to Pelosi?

And why doesn’t the Pope just excommunicate the whole disgusting bunch?

Race Cowards Reject Debo Adegbile, Cheerleader for Cop Killer, Mumia, Durbin Compares Him to John Adams

From the Washington Times:

President Barack Obama’s choice to lead the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division was blocked by bipartisan Senate opposition Wednesday in an emotional postscript to the long-ago murder of a Philadelphia policeman and the legal help his killer received.
The vote against advancing Debo Adegbile toward confirmation was 47-52, shy of the majority needed under new procedures Democrats put in place late last year to overcome Republican stalling tactics.
In this case, though, to the dismay of civil rights organizations and the White House, Democratic desertions played a decisive role in the outcome. Eight members of Obama’s party joined all 44 Republicans in preventing a final vote.
Obama swiftly condemned the action. In a statement, he called it a “travesty based on wildly unfair character attacks against a good and qualified public servant.”

Naturally, Barack Obama, good leftist that he is, no doubt supports Adegbile’s efforts to assist Wesley Cook aka “Mumia Abu-Jamal,” a hero to those who share his contempt for racist, imperialistic Amerika. Sadly, for President Payback, this time he didn’t get his way.

The Washington Times article also contains this little gem, describing another brilliant insight from another radical leftist, Illinois’ senior senator, the pudgy huckster, Dick “Our Troops are Like Nazis” Durbin, also speaking in support of the vicious, cold-blooded cop killer:

Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., noted that a Founding Father, John Adams, “made the very unpopular decision to represent a British solider on the eve of the Revolutionary War.”

Perfect. We all remember from our history classes when John Adams attended rallies in support of British soldiers who shot Americans, right? It’s ridiculous.

This statement by national embarrassment Durbin, as well as Eric Holder’s whining about the “dangerous precedent” set by holding the defendants they represent against attorneys, is part of the on-going deception that is the entire Obama regime; that is, the pretense that he is just another democrat who may be more liberal than others, but agrees with the basic framework of our Constitution. Wrong. He despises the document of “negative liberties,” and he wants to “transform” and “remake” it to redress the racist sins of this country. There is a DRAMATIC difference between someone like John Adams, who believed fervently in the rule of law, and someone like Barack Obama, Eric Holder, and all their little mini me’s like Debo Adegbile, who believe in the that the ends justify the means when it comes to their grand vision of a socialist paradise on American soil.

Please note that this thing isn’t over. This character’s nomination could be brought up again, after the 2014 election. Stay vigilant, fellow patriots.

Obamacare: An ID Thief’s Wet Dream: The Teri O’Brien Show, 10-5-13

Listen here.

talk radio, The Teri O'Brien Show

Thanks to our guest Doug Truax, candidate for U.S. Senate, who will oppose incumbent/national embarrassment Dick “Eddie Haskell” Durbin. Learn more about him here and in the additional links below.

In this week’s show:

Doug Truax, West Point Grad, Entrepreneur, Talks about His Challenge to Incumbent U.S. Senator Dick “Eddie Haskell” Durbin–Is he tough enough to avoid the mistakes of last challenger, the hapless Steve Sauerberg?
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) Explains Why We Can’t Just Let Obamacare “Collapse”
Speaker John Boehner Says Obama Got His Tax Increases, Time to Work on Spending Problem

Obamacare: An ID Thief’s Wet Dream, According to Internet Security Expert

Using a bizarre analogy, Sen. Chuck Schumer Claims GOP’s demand for an end to special Obamacare treatment for Congress and big business is a “hostage taking,” when in reality, the enactment of Obamacare, accomplished with a series of lies, bribes and back room deals, is more like squatters occupying your house and then claiming that they own it now and it’s a done deal (“law of the land”)

Doug Truax for U.S. Senate | Return to Confidence

Two questions for First Amendment bully Durbin on eve of partisan hearing in Washington | Doug Truax for U.S. Senate

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Marathon Pundit: Doug Truax press release: When will Durbin stop using our tax dollars to harass his political opponents?

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Dare to Dream, Steve – Illinois Review (Dick Durbin’s last opponent didn’t take my advice and got 28% of the vote. Here’s the open letter he ignored.)

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Durbin Opponent Doug Truax, West Point Grad, Entrepreneur: Today on The Teri O’Brien Show

DurbinThe bio on Doug Truax’s website says that he is comfortable in the role of the underdog, and he find himself in that role now in his run for U.S. Senate against national embarrassment Sen. Dick “Eddie Haskell” Durbin. (Remember some of the most disgusting and cringe-inducing episodes in the career of the pudgy huckster? Check out this American Thinker piece for an interesting walk down memory lane.) I want to ask him if he intends to repeat the very unfortunate mistakes of the slow-motion train wreck of last candidate to run against Dick Durbin, the well-intentioned, but hapless, Dr. Steve Sauerberg. That’s what the good doctor gets for not taking my advice. Let me say it again. Never doubt me. We will also talk about Dick Durbin’s enemies’ list and his veiled threats agains the American Legislative Exchange Council. How will Mr. Truax expose Dick Durbin’s despicable attacks on the 1st and 2nd Amendments?

Plus, of course, the latest on the ridiculous Lame Stream Media hysteria about the “government shutdown.” Will Speaker Boehner cave or will he stand firm on demanding fairness for the American people? Will he continue to fight Barack Obama on the issue of special Obamacare deals for big business and members of Congress?


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Obama’s Destruction of the Economy-Is it Deliberate? The Teri O’Brien Show, 8-25-13

As Gallup reported ten days ago, when it comes to his approval rating on the economy, Barry’s going through a rough patch, although with those endless vacations, rounds of golf and celebrity parties, not nearly one as rough as the peasants living in his economy.

President Barack Obama’s approval ratings on handling the nation’s economy have plunged in the past two months, as he and Republicans in Congress prepare to enter a series of fall budget battles this fall.

According to a Gallup survey released Thursday morning, just 35% of survey respondents approve of how Obama is handling the economy, while 62% disapprove.

When things get tough, Barack’s approach isn’t to try to solve problems, or do any of that icky, challenging work stuff. Let’s face it, his previous experience as a street agitator and college lecturer leave him woefully unqualified to do that. So, he takes another approach, like these guys.

Animal House

Road trip. 

How better to lift his spirits than to tote his PrompTer to yet another college campus, and bask in the endless love, worship even, of people too ignorant and inexperienced to know that his policies are destroying the economy? If they knew anything about economics, would they be borrowing thousands of dollars to get degrees in “disciplines” like Medieval French poetry that leave them as unqualified to do anything other than bloviate, just like Obama himself?

We’ll delve into the real extent of just how miserable the economy is, by the numbers. Suffice it to say that it is as bad or worse than your daily experience tells you.

Other questions remain. Is this economic destruction simply the result of a very bad hiring decision in 2008, and repeated last year? Or, is it deliberate? Is it the result of the “remaking” that Barack Obama promised, the pursuit of “economic justice,” redistributing wealth from those who unfairly benefitted in racist Amerika? Why do black voters, whose unemployment rate is still twice that of whites 50 years after the March on Washington that some are celebrating this week, still support democrats? And why is Barack Obama supporting “comprehensive immigration reform” that will depress the wages and opportunities for all low and middle income people, including African Americans? Our guest, Lena Durant of Black American Leadership Alliance, why Barack Obama is throwing low income and middle class Americans under the bus? Could it be raw political expediency?

Dick “Eddie Haskell” Durbin, your fascism is showing. As reported by the terrific journalists at Illinois Review, the pudgy huckster is using his office to try to intimidate private citizens exercising their First Amendment right.

Plus our usual review of the best of the Sunday shows, and the under-the-radar news that you don’t want to miss.

Be ahead of the curve. Tune in today 4-6 pm Central, for the rest of the story.


Politics, Pop Culture, the Hottest Issues of the Day, and Your calls. The Teri O’Brien Show, featuring America’s Original Conservative Warrior Princess, Live and in color, Sundays 4-6 pm Central time  at Daring to Commit Common Sense, Fearlessly, and More Important, Cheerfully, in the Age of Obama.

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Can’t listen live? Download it from iTunes and listen on demand. 

As one listener wrote “one of the most insightful and entertaining pundits in America. Also, her voice is magical.”

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Senate Showdown Today-Dems Continue Their Lawless Ways

Maybe it’s time for McCain to dredge up the anti-nuclear option gang that he came up with in 2005. At least it would give him something to do other than trying to sell out the American middle class with amnesty for illegals, or enabling the ambitions of the Muslim Brotherhood. I say that because Harry Reid is threatening to change the Senate’s filibuster rules to make sure that Barack Obama can get several of his radical leftist nominees in place, included two for the National Labor Relations Board, Richard Griffin and Sharon Block, that were illegally appointed. That issue is before the Supreme Court now, and Republicans want those two nominees swaped out for two that they can vote on today.

Last night they held a closed door meeting reminiscent of the sessions that Congress held right before the Civil War, another time when our country was teetering on a precipice.

These people are such hypocrites. As usual, they start something by taking a sledgehammer to traditional institutions, then whine when the victims of their attacks fight back. Way back in 2001, right after George W. Bush was inaugurated, the democrats held a retreat where several liberal activists suggested a very destructive plan to obstruct the new President’s judicial nominees; that is, using the filibuster to block them. The democrats loved the idea, especially Illinois’ Dick “Eddie Haskell” Durbin. After Republican staffers accessed Senate computer, we learned that Eddie was taking his marching orders from left-wing interest groups like People for the American Way, who were understandably terrified that the brilliant and “especially dangerous” Miguel Estrada would be appointed to the D.C. Circuit, a stepping stone to the Supreme Court, because “he is Latino.” They filibustered him for two years before he finally gave up on the process.

They are scheduled to vote today on Richard Corday. The Republicans oppose him because they are opposed to the Imperial Presidency. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, created by the disastrous Dodd-Frank law, is completely unaccountable to Congress. An NPR reporter just said on C-SPAN just said that Republican Sen. John Thune stated that the GOP will let the Cordray nomination go through, but are still holding firm on the illegal NLRB nominees.

As we have seen so many times over the last 5 years, when Barack Obama doesn’t get his way, the law be damned, the Constitution be damned, and now the Senate rules be damned. Be careful, Sen. Reid. The democrats will not be in the majority forever. If they are, the issue of the filibuster will be a bit of historical trivia because the United States of America as we know it will be over.