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AG Loretta Lynch Sets the Table: Says DOJ Doesn’t Have to Indict Hillary


From the Washington Examiner: Attorney General Loretta Lynch indicated Wednesday that the law doesn’t require the Justice Department to pursue criminal charges against Hillary Clinton for her use of a private email system, even if the FBI recommends criminal charges. Lynch was asked in a hearing by Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, what her department would do if the FBI were ...

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BREAKING: Gang of 8 to Announce Latest Attempt To Trick Us Into Supporting Amnesty

From ABC News: Early Thursday morning, the bipartisan “Gang of Eight” senators will announce an agreement to strengthen border security. ABC News has confirmed that the Senate “Gang of Eight” has reached an agreement to strengthen border security provisions in their bill that they hope will deliver the 70 crucial votes needed for the measure. According to a high ranking ...

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Show Notes-6-16-13 Edition of The Teri O’Brien Show

Listen Live, Sundays 4-6 pm Central time at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/Teri-OBrien, or on demand here on this page by using the player in the right side bar of this page. You can also download the show on iTunes. Thanks for your encouragement and support! Thanks to our guest, Taleeb Starkes, author of the book, The Un-Civil War. The Un-Civil War: BLACKS vs ...

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Was Bystander-in-Chief’s Dithering “Decision” to Jump Into Syrian Mess Another Shiny Object?

Remember the swooning and slobbering that we endured after Barack Obama’s Cairo speech in 2009? Back then, the brilliant pundits predicted a beautiful new era of peace, love and understanding in the centuries-old powder keg that is the Middle East, simply because of the majestic and healing presence of the magnificent new president. Flash forward to today, and face the ...

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