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Now Smokers Get a Break. The Regime in Full Panic Mode on Obamacare Exchanges

No doubt by now, having returned from your Independence Day weekend, which I hope was terrific, you have heard the latest aspect of Obamacare to be jettisoned, as administration officials desperately race to meet their October 1 deadline of setting up their healthcare “marketplaces” aka exchanges. If you didn’t hear about, it’s because they used their standard M.O., quietly releasing ...

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One Obamacare Tax That May Actually Be Temporary (But Probably Won’t Be)

As explained in this previous post, Obamacare is the end of private health insurance, and, as most of you have long known, that was the original intention. It’s also an endless cornucopia of surprises. The One accomplishes the slaying of this unfair and outmoded institution by eliminating the practice of “medical underwriting,” which means that by law, insurance companies must ...

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