The Stair Climbing Senior, Fake Amazon Babies, Shacking Up Seniors, and Other Freeloaders We Can Live Without

I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions. In fact, I never make them, but the beginning of a new year is a good time to assess how we can correct our mistakes and do better going forward. One of the most effective things we could do in to make that happen would be to rid ourselves of one of the most destructive plagues afflicting our country, a malady that can and may destroy us if we don’t do something about it, and fast. What is it? Please read on.

If you really want to set off an ear-splitting, migraine-inducing wail fest from the Left, because they are so cute when they are faux angry, just start talking about how disgusted you are when you see slackers, and deadbeats, otherwise known as the takers, people like the women in this infamous video, squealing with delight over getting free stuff from Barack’s stash. Then there was another eager would-be government ward, Peggy Joseph, who put on an embarrassing clinic in the ignorance, and perhaps even stupidity, that causes an adult to believe in Santa Claus aka Barack Obama.

I share the mixed emotions that I suspect these wretches inspire in many of you; specifically, the loathing of their lack of personal responsibility and their apparent complete willingness to be supplicants, surviving on the crumbs tossed their way, by a supposedly benevolent state, and the genuine sadness that anyone in this country would be content to be dependent on the government, unconcerned that she is being supported by her hard-working neighbors. Whether she realizes it or not, this woman is a freeloader, and an enthusiastic one at that. She doesn’t try to hide it or deny it because, unfortunately, she obviously doesn’t see anything wrong with it.. There are still many people who do associate some sigma with this attitude, but, still, the freeloader mentality is spreading. It’s not just for welfare baby mamas and their serial sperm donors anymore. Let’s not spare the Solyndra-style crony capitalists, the disability couch potatoes and other recipients of various government largess. Other than our veterans, nearly everyone getting a government check is, if not a full-blown freeloader, dangerously close to becoming one.

It’s this freeloader mentality that will eventually turn us from a mighty nation populated by resourceful rugged individualists into an anemic, Euro-style passel of grey mice, traveling from their little state-owned cubicles on government-run mass transit to their subsistence jobs and back. It’s the freeloader mentality that told some people that Obamacare was not a ridiculous hoax. How else could anyone believe that they could keep everything they liked without any changes, while people at death’s door would get “insurance?”

I have had it with freeloaders, and not just the obvious variety. They are everywhere, as previously noted, in every strata of society. Consider a few closer to home examples:

Stair climbing Senior

A friend who lives in a condo building told me that one of her neighbors has a unique form of cardiovascular exercise. He likes to go up and down the building’s stairs. Unfortunately, not only does this senior citizen, with little else to do, like to get in his neighbors’ faces and regale them with stories about his staircase heroics (“I climbed 300 flights this week!”), as a result of his constant pounding, the carpet is threadbare. Does this guy offer to pay for the cost that he imposed on everyone else because, instead of doing what a decent person would do, either getting his own exercise equipment, jogging outside, or joining a gym, he chose to destroy the common area? Of course not. Like it or not, Pops, unless you pony up with the cost of replacing that carpet, you are a freeloader. Do everyone a favor. Get a treadmill. Bonus suggestion: do you have one of those flip phones that are all the rage with your set? Call someone who cares how many flights you climbed.

 MS-NBC Advocate Fake Babies

A writer at the liberal website Slate suggested an innovative way to save money on household supplies: lie to, in this case, by inventing a fake baby. As Matthew Yglesias says:

Amazon has a program called Amazon Mom that’s a pretty neat way to save some money on common household items. But here’s the thing. It turns out you don’t need to be a mom to sign up. You don’t need to be a dad, either. You just need to be a liar. …

And there’s no monthly fee and no extra commitment to buy stuff. You just need to tell Amazon some stuff about your baby—birthday and such—presumably so they can target you with baby-related offers. Except your baby can be fake. My baby, Tim Duncan Crawford, named after my wife’s favorite basketball player and given her surname, was born on December 14, 2013. Except he’s just a lie I created to get cheaper soap.

Sure, Matt, no worries! What’s a few lies if you can freeload a few bucks off some soap

Social Security Shack Ups

Recently, I was talking to two male acquaintances, when the conversation turned to who wears the pants in the family. One of the men said that he understood perfectly, and from the way he said it, it was clear to me that he appreciates the secret to having a good marriage. He nodded knowingly, if not approvingly, when I said “If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” Then I said, “Or as the great wedding toast says ‘Happy Wife, Happy Life.’” The other man said “It’s the same thing, even if you aren’t actually married. You don’t need a ring, after all, even though we’re going to get rings.” I replied “I couldn’t disagree more.” He responded “You don’t understand. At our age, we lose a lot of Social Security benefits by being married.” As much as it took to resist the temptation to sarcastically say “Oh, isn’t that adorable! They’re only in their 60′s and they’re playing house!,” it took even more willpower to avoid mentioning that current Social Security beneficiaries are receiving about $3 for every $1 they contributed to this soon to be bankrupt system. Are the beneficiaries of these middle-class “entitlements” (you’ve got to love that word!) freeloaders? Tell me in the comments.

Happy New Year.


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He’s “Historic,” All Right. Obama 1st President to Propose Spending More than $4 Trillion in One Year

It is well-known that Barack “The Change We’ve Been Waiting For” Obama is a “historic” figure, and I’ve told you many times, whenever liberals start touting the benefits of a political figure using that adjective, you should hang on to your wallet and run in the opposite direction. (See also the first welfare cheat in the U.S. Senate, Carol Moseley Braun.) 

From Red Alert Politics:

The White House must be jumping for joy now that it’s the first administration in history to propose spending more than $4 trillion in a single fiscal year!

According to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), Obama’s fiscal year 2014 budget proposal projects that the federal government will spend a whopping $4.1 trillion in fiscal year 2016. And if you think that’s bad, federal spending will increase by another $2 billion in fiscal year 2017.

By our calculations, the president could buy himself at least 42 billion new sets of golf clubs with that much money!

Annual spending, however, isn’t the only record that Obama is breaking with his proposed budget. His administration is expected to collect more than $2.7 trillion in taxes this year – breaking the previous record of $2.5 trillion set under President Bush in 2007.

Remember when Sen. Obama berated George W. Bush as “unpatriotic” for adding $5 trillion over eight years? Yes, that was right before he overspent Pres. Bush in half the time. Please note those numbers we are taking in more tax revenue than ever, and it’s still not enough to satisfy Obama’s insatiable appetite for your cash.

Currently, Obama is engaging in another ridiculous charade designed to position him as the moderate, reasonable adult in room full of squabbling brats who refuse to compromise. At the risk of sounding as if I have fallen prey to that corrosive cynicism that I always deplore, let me suggest that all this feigned outrage on the part of Left over Obama’s supposed earth-shattering, dramatic, Nixon-goes-to-China willingness to “cut” Social Security by offering to change the formula for cost of living increases is being ginned up sub rosa by the Obama apparatchiks themselves. The goal is to enable them to say “Look, look. AARP is screaming for Obama’s head! Look how he’s wiling to antagonize his own supporters. He’s compromising, but those unreasonable, extremist right-wingers won’t!” The reality is that no matter how many straw men Obama battles, the “chain CPI” that you keep hearing about, and that 99% of people couldn’t explain at gunpoint, is a much more reasonable way of computing cost-of-living increases because it reflects reality, something that the One’s budget does not.

NSFW-Medicare is Unsustainable, and Social Security Will Soon Be Insolvent. Possible Solution: At Least for Hot Seniors.

From the Smoking Gun, “Police Sting Nets “Cougar,” 71, On Prostitution Rap:”

prostitution, senior citizens, Medicare, Social Security

Grandma, is that you?

In the January 25 ad that caught the eye of investigators, Liebhart/“Lola” is described as a “perfect pleasure” who is “delicious, delectable, delightful.” The ad–titled “Older is Better”–noted that the septuagenarian hooker would only be in Glastonbury for three days.

A January 12 ad listed “Lola”’s age as 60, noting that she is “well preserved” and “All natural.” The ad included a phone number along with the notice that “Lola” did not accept texts or e-mails, and did not book appointments after 8 PM.

In another online listing, Liebhart describes herself as a “truly mature escort with over 25 years experience in delivering a symphony of luxury and sensual delight to discriminating professional gentlemen both younger and older who can afford the best and who prefer their women a bit older but a lot better.” Prospective customers are advised to “savor the charms of maturity and submit yourself to sensuous abandon in the arms of a genuine Cougar.

I’ll bet she’s a riot in the TV room back at the retirement community.

I hope she doesn’t have any grandchildren, and if so, none of them accidentally decides to hire “Lola,” only to show up in some seedy motel to find Grandma.

I smell a “Pretty Woman” update.

Do we have only ourselves to blame?

We face a possible second downgrade of America’s debt because of the last 10 years of spending, which was excessive under President Bush, and which has accelerated at a breathtaking pace under the able stewardship of B. Hussein Obama. We look at the weasels in D.C., and express disgust over the way they enthusiastically spend other people’s money, but is that fair? Aren’t they just doing what the voters tell them to do? Consider this excerpt from David Brooks’ column, published yesterday:

Ultimately, we should blame the American voters. The average Medicare couple pays $109,000 into the program and gets $343,000 in benefits out, according to the Urban Institute. This is $234,000 in free money. Many voters have decided they like spending a lot on themselves and pushing costs onto their children and grandchildren. They have decided they like borrowing up to $1 trillion a year for tax credits, disability payments, defense contracts and the rest. They have found that the original Keynesian rationale for these deficits provides a perfect cover for permanent deficit-living. They have made it clear that they will destroy any politician who tries to stop them from cost-shifting in this way.

I am very curious about what you think about this assertion. The Urban Institute tends to be left-wing think tank, so if anything their computations probably give recipients the benefit of the doubt. Regardless of the precise numbers, it’s very clear that current beneficiaries of these programs are getting a lot more out than they put in. If you are currently receiving these benefits, are you happy about spending future generations into oblivion so that you don’t have to give up any government payments? What say you? Please comment below.

Paul Ryan Choice Signals Plan to Go at the One Head On

In a little over an hour, Mitt Romney will formally announce, from the deck of the U.S.S. Wisconsin, in Norfolk, Virginia, that he has chosen Rep. Paul Ryan as his V.P. choice. I was surprised, and delighted, by this news. I assumed that Mitt would go with the safe choice, Tim Pawlenty. I am happy to be wrong. The selection of Paul Ryan is an excellent one because:

  1. There is no one better to make the case for courageous leadership to deal with our looming fiscal crisis and preventing our country from turning into Greece.
  2. This choice demonstrates that the Romney campaign is not only not afraid of the bleating by airheads like Debbie Wasserman Schultz about the “Romney-Ryan budget,” they are prepared to take it head on.
  3. Speaking of the budget, this selection gives the Romney campaign to highlight the fact that the democrat-run Senate hasn’t passed a budget in over 1000 days, even though they are legally required to do so.

One more thing: Can you imagine how much fun it’s going to be to watch Paul Ryan debate Joe Biden?

Nicely played, Governor. I was starting to think that you were going a little wobbly on us.