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Dr. Carol Swain on Attacks by Southern Poverty Law Center and Her Amazing Personal Story of Survival and Victory: Show Notes, Dangerous Thinkers 004

Ken Timmerman

  Dr. Carol Swain is an articulate former professor of law and political science, but there is nothing in her early life that would have pointed to that future. She grew up in a shack without indoor plumbing, one of 12 children, who dropped out of school in 8th grade, and found herself a single mother of 3 small children ...

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Southern Poverty Law Center Fraud: Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show, 8-20-2017

  Here We Go Again: President Tells Truth, Corrupt Media Goes Into Orbit  Please check out our latest YouTube video, explaining the reason that it’s so crucial for the Left to distort the President’s comments about what happened in Charlottesville, VA on August 12. Listen to this episode here by using the player on the right of this page, or here on spreaker.com.

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Report Buried Trump-Related Hate Crimes Against White Kids


No doubt you heard about the many “hate crimes” against immigrants, Muslims, and other democrat mascot groups perpetrated by the “deplorable” and irredeemable” supporters of Donald Trump. One thing those reports didn’t mention was that the evidence strongly suggests that nearly all of those horrible incidents were hoaxes. Now we learn that two left-wing organizations, One thing those reports didn’t ...

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More Proof, Except You Don’t Need it Because You Already Know, That Libs Are Enslaved to Teacher Unions

For all their protestations about being devoted to education and helping poor children, their rhetoric is rendered ridiculous by actions like this latest from the “non-partisan” (read leftwing) Southern Poverty Law Center. From The Cato Institute: Earlier this week, the Southern Poverty Law Center filed a federal lawsuit contending that Alabama’s new scholarship tax credit program violates the Equal Protection ...

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The Teri O'Brien Show