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SMOKING GUN: “We Can’t Take That Risk,” Says Corrupt DOJ Official Hired by Mueller Referring to Trump Presidency


Mueller and his Deep State attempted coup exposed for what we have known that is has always been: a tainted, partisan witch hunt. They’re pretty clear that these are people who’ve a strong preference but the understanding that So, it turns out that there was “collusion” to interfere with the 2016 presidential election, but i had nothing to do with ...

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Deep State Conspiracy’s Continued Exposure: Wife of Demoted DOJ Official Worked for Fusion GPS

Remember this tweet from last Thursday about the Deep State conspiracy against the president? Now we learn that this man’s wife worked for–wait for it–Fusion GPS, the firm hired to create the discredited “dossier” (PULEEZE!) about President Trump’s alleged connections to Russia. From The Washington Examiner: A senior Department of Justice official demoted earlier in December for not disclosing meetings ...

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