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IRS Admits Targeting Based on Political Views: The Teri O’Brien Show, 5-10-15

The IRS admitted what we knew all along: They targeted groups for “special” screening based on their political views. Thanks so much for listening to the show! I thank you from the bottom of my well-conditioned heart! Thanks to danasongs.com and incompetech.com for some of the music that we use on the program. Also, thanks to raintree.com for the “How’s That Hope & Change Workin’ Out ...

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Obama’s Latest Campaign Speech, Like All the Rest, Lies, Lies and More Lies: Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show, 7-13-14

This Week’s Focus: Amnesty and the Illegal Alien Invasion Listen right here by using the player in the upper right of the page.     Breaking: Federal Government Sends Hundreds of Unaccompanied Alien Children to Multiple Locations in the Chicagoland Area | National Review Online (they never told local official, but fortunately, Chicago “public servants” are completely down with Obama’s “tranforming America” ...

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Family Ties: Marathon Bombers Case Raises Many Questions

Something has been bothering me about the Marathon bombers case. I had a difficult time putting my finger on it until this morning. You see, someone I know was forced to call the F.B.I. concerning a large investment that was not being returned per the agreement. When the Feds showed up to interview, one of the questions was “What do ...

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Emma Has Two Mommies, and a Daddy Who is FABULOUS!!!

When I Saw This Headline, “Florida judge approves birth certificate listing three parents,” I thought “Frank Marshall Davis, Barack Obama, Sr. and Stanley Anne Dunham?” But no, it’s actually about a lesbian and her homosexual male hairdresser, who hatch a brilliant plan to make a baby for her to raise with her “partner.” You know the story. A gay guy, and two ...

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Dreams from His Real Father: Today on the Teri O’Brien Show

Obama’s devoted supporters have tried everything, from repeated applications of Alinskyite ridicule to silent refusals to even acknowledge its existence, to get the issue of Barack Obama’s ineligibility to hold the office of President of the United States to go away. My belief that Barack Obama does not meet the eligibility requirements of Article II of the Constitution has nothing ...

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Barack Obama, International Man of Mystery, Rescued by Chief Justice Roberts: Today on The Teri O’Brien Show

Thursday morning when I first heard the results of the Obamacare decision, I recalled some words from John Roberts confirmation hearing back in 2005, when he quoted Professor of Law John MacArthur Maguire, who referred to law as the “the wise restraints that make men free.” Until I read the decision, I assumed that he must be finding some way ...

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WaPo Reminds Us How Obama Lied About His Mother’s Illness to Promote Federal Takeover of Health Care

As we approach the two-year anniversary of the ramming through of Obamacare this Friday, it’s fun to remember some of the lies and demagoguery that the democrats used to try, unsuccessfully, to build support for it. Davis Guggenheim’s crockumentary, The Road We’ve Traveled” is a propaganda masterpiece, and it has recycled some of the garbage Obama was peddling in 2008 ...

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They Are Stealing You Blind: The Teri O’Brien Show, 7/24/11

B. Hussein’s embarrassingly petulant performance at last Friday afternoon’s Unhappy Hour presser, parts of which left many observers wondering if they were watching a president of the United States or one of the Cheerios from “Glee,” whining about her boyfriend’s failure to call her, and hoping that we wouldn’t notice that, for at least the 300th time, he failed to ...

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