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Obama Plans “Audacious” Last Year of Executive Action To Cement Vision for “Time Immemorial”


Obama plans “audacious” year of executive action. In other words, he’s going to push the lawless despot pedal to the metal. Oh boy! Get ready for a wild ride! From The Washington Examiner:  A top White House official said the administration is planning “audacious executive action” throughout President Obama’s last year in office. During a breakfast discussion Wednesday in Washington, ...

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Gov. Nikki Haley’ s Establishment Slip Has Been Showing for a While

State of the Union

Gov. Nikki Haley: New Liberal Media Darling Wins Praise by Dissing Her Party’s Frontrunners Gov. Nikki Haley’s State of the Union response proved that a Republican can do what is a very risky gig without becoming a laughingstock. She did a workmanlike job that didn’t do her any obvious harm, at least in the short term. It was very disappointing ...

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Like Pyromaniac at the Scene of the Fire, Obama Laments “Divisive” Politics


Divisive politics? Like O.J. looking for the “real killer,” if B.Hussein Obama wants to find the culprit who has “broken” American politics, he should look in the mirror. Back in 2004, an unknown, and very unaccomplished, state senator made a speech at the Democrat convention. This performance has since attained nearly mythic proportions. “The Speech” electrified the crowd, and many parts ...

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Is Ted Cruz an Art. II “Natural Born Citizen?” Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show, 1-10-16

Natural Born Citizen

Is Ted Cruz an Article II “Natural Born Citizen?” Does it matter? Links to stories we discussed on the show are below.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thanks to danasongs.com and incompetech.com for some of the music that we use on the program. Also thanks to Steve Vaus for “Come and Take it.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In this episode, you’ll learn: That Ted Cruz is really not an Article II “natural born ...

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VIDEO: Sen. Lindsay Graham’s Dangerous Confusion on Syrian Refugees

Sen. Graham, if you are so concerned about national security, why do you want to increase funding to import Syrian refugees? And why did you flip flop the day after this interview? On last Sunday’s edition of CNN’s State of the Union, Sen. Lindsay Graham who is rumored to be running for president–have you heard that, too?–talked tough about going ...

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Happy Presidents’ Day as “Historic” Obama, 1st Affirmative Action and 1st Red Diaper Baby, Occupies White House

  Thanks to our guests, Andrew F. Branca of lawofselfdefense.com, who appeared to talk about the Michael Dunn “loud music” trial in Florida, and Prof. Paul Kengor, to talk about the stunning and disturbing facts about Barack Obama’s communist mentor Frank Marshall Davis, and the rest of the communist cabal that paved his way to the White House. Happy Presidents’ Day, ...

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