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Obama’s Reign of Economic Destruction: Show Notes, 8-25-13 Program

Listen here. Thanks to our terrific guest attorney Leah Durant of the Black American Leadership Alliance, a group that she founded to fight the amnesty for illegals that would be a disaster for the American middle class. The depressing reality of ‘the recovery’: Americans aren’t getting jobs. They’re retiring. New home sales plunge 13.4% (when people have only part time jobs, they ...

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Middle East in Flames, U.S. Economy in Toilet, and Where’s Obama? Lying to Kids About Student Loan Cash Going to Obamacare

Just where you would expect him to be; that is, telling lies to groups of backward children on college campuses. He’s recycling one of his greatest hits from last year’s presidential campaign, bloviating about the high cost of college. The student loan situation is a classic example of what happens when liberal “compassion” drives public policy. The inevitable result is ...

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Obama’s Latest Vote Buying Scheme

As you no doubt heard, the latest example of the liberal racket, in which they create a problem with their income redistribution schemes, then confiscate money from the productive to hand out to their friends and mascots, while pretending to solve that problem, is Barack Obama’s plan to help poor, long suffering liberal arts grads suffocating under the crushing debt ...

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