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How Convenient: Geithner Says We Will Reach Debt Limit on Monday

What an amazing coincidence! Just as Barack Hussein Obama is seeking to bypass the “game” he says he won’t play, otherwise known as irritation of having to concede that there are actually 3 branches of government, not just the One in his regal majesty, Tim “Turbo Tax” Geithner informs the Senate that we will reach the debt limit on Monday, ...

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Can the GOP Avoid Obama’s Trap? The Teri O’Brien Show-12/2/12

Thanks to our guests, Daniel Greenfield of Sultan Knish and Shirley Husar of the Washington Times Communities and Urban Game Changer. PLEASE HELP THE TERI OBRIEN SHOW WIN RED STATE TALK RADIO’S “TALK SHOW OF THE YEAR” FOR THE SECOND YEAR IN A THE ROW. Go to the following site and vote: http://redstatetalkradio.com/redstatewp/?p=4186 Once again, Barack Hussein Obama demonstrates his contempt for ...

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The Teri O'Brien Show