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WATCH: Most Bizarre TV Interview Ever, Kurt Eichenwald with Tucker Carlson


Kurt Eichenwald, an extremely opinionated, anti-Trump “journalist” appeared on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News channel show and hilarity ensued. Actually, it was a bizarre display of insanity. The huge three-ring binder of Tucker’s “falsehoods” is a nice touch, don’t you think? Of course, this interview was overdue. Earlier this month, Tucker interviewed Newsweek’s political editor Matthew Cooper, and asked him not ...

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Is Fox News Shilling for Amnesty? Sadly, The Answer Appears to Be Yes


Fox News, Owned by Rupert Murdoch, Shows Its True Colors. It’s Not Really a “Conservative” Outlet.Mickey Kaus has resigned from The Daily Caller after its editor, Tucker Carlson, pulled down a column he wrote critical of Fox News. Who is Mickey Kaus? He is a liberal, who has written for Newsweek, The Washington Monthly, and used to blog at Salon ...

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Rep. Carolyn McCarthy, Gun Expert

Enjoy the unintentional comedy of Rep. Caroly McCarthy, whose entire career in Congress is based on her husband’s murder by a lunatic, and who is obviously a gun expert, well-qualified to regulate our 2nd amendment, even though she doesn’t know the difference between a clip and a magazine, nor does she know what a “barrel shroud” is, even though she ...

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The Teri O'Brien Show