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Remember When Barack Obama Promised He Wouldn’t Take a Vacation?


Perfect: that’s how you can describe the Obamas’ favorite place for their luxurious annual August vacation, Martha’s Vineyard. Now there’s a vacation spot, huh, Bitter Clinger? Not like that water park attached to the pre-fab franchise motel you suffered through. And how perfect is this? On the day that we learn that Obama and his minions lied about paying ransom to ...

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Forget the Birth Certificate. Will Obama’s Undoing Be His Social Security Number?: Today on the Teri O’Brien Show

While the Inside-the-Beltway geniuses obsess over the Romney campaign’s missteps, and his family vacation, hoping that we won’t notice the reeking stench of our stagnating economy, we in Real America count the days until the voters can undo the bad hiring decision they made in 2008. Even many members of the crowd of slobbering sycophants that helped sell the Obama ...

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