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Nothing Sacred: WaPo Doesn’t Miss Opportunity to Slam Mrs. Reagan in Obituary


Stay classy, WaPo! Partisan hack writes hateful obituary, then, when busted, tries to change it without telling anyone! From Mediate in an excellent piece by Joe Concha, who precedes the following with some screenshots of some of the inevitable venomous tweets that appeared within seconds that the news of Mrs.Reagan’s death crossed the wires: Enter the Washington Post’s Lois Romano, who ...

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Just Say No to Dynasties and DREAMs. Today on the Teri O’Brien Show

Democrats, both the elected variety and the ones who have never faced the voters, sometimes also called “journalists,”  love dynasties, but the week that was brought many reminders of why it is wise to be wary of them. Of course, it’s no surprise that those enamored of identity politics, the government-sanctioned racism known as “affirmative action,” and crony capitalism would ...

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The Teri O'Brien Show