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Obamas Continue to Enjoy Their Well-Deserved Reparations at Secret Celebrity Soireè

Barack and Michelle have always demonstrated through their actions that they believe that reparations have to start somewhere, so why not with them? It’s official: Barack and Michelle are determined to wring every advantage out of their remaining time in office, making sure that Whitey pays them back. Remember this? I love the obligatory statement by the Jurassic media that ...

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White House to Bob Woodward: You Will Regret Criticizing the One

I tweeted this morning about liberal media hero Bob Woodward’s appearance this morning on MS-NBC’s “Morning Joe.”       From Politico: The Washington Post’s Bob Woodward attacked President Barack Obama on Wednesday, saying the commander-in-chief’s decision not to deploy an aircraft carrier because of budget cuts is “a kind of madness.” “Can you imagine Ronald Reagan sitting there and ...

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When the Going Gets Tough, the Lazy Phone it In. Obama Administration Issues Identical Statement on Jobs Reports 5 Months in a Row

Seriously? You guys can’t even write something original about the monthly jobs numbers? Even we bloggers manage to scribble something different when commenting on different stories. But wait, this isn’t a different story, is it? It’s the same story of economic stagnation, month after month after miserable month in Obama’s economy where this is–to use another annoying threadbare LSM clichè–the ...

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