Barry, the Composite President & Live from NATO protests:Show Notes, the Teri O’Brien Show, 5/20/12

From our special guest, that rare combination of great journalist and talent writer, Jack Cashill, who joined us to talk about his recent American Thinker piece Articles: Why Kenyan Birth Claim Was No ‘Fact Checking Error’. Please check out his official page for similar fascinating pieces about Barack Obama, Man of Mystery, and don’t miss his terrific book Deconstructing Obama, in which he proves conclusively that Bill Ayers wrote Dreams from My Father. Hear his take on why the GOP is so “supine” (Critiquelator’s word) on challenging Barack Obama’s eligibility to hold the office of President, and his view of the meaning of the Article II phrase “Natural Born Citizen.” Deconstructing Obama: The Life, Loves, and Letters of America’s First Postmodern President (9781451611113): Jack Cashill: Books

We were fortunate to get two live reports from the Chicago NATO protests from our good friend, and one of “Real Journalists Team,” Marathon Pundit. Read today’s report from the intrepid reporter, in which he describes being part of an unfortunate bicycle-protestor sandwich, courtesy of the police. If you happened to be listening to yesterday’s show, you can hear him describe this incident live on the air (at ~5 minutes before the show ended), which he mentions in his report. (You can also hear me, as he concluded his previous report, warn him to be careful, but sometimes that takes a backseat to getting the story, I know.) He also told us that he had seen Bill Ayers and Bernandine Dohrn, as well as two Code Pink luminaries, and the Rev. Jesse Jackson. Of course he did! This thing is like a leftwing wacko magnet. SL Ron had an excellent suggestion about how to arm the police and beautify the city at the same time.

Five now face charges in alleged NATO summit terror plot – This Just In – Blogs

The Critiquelator gives his take on the Kenyan “fact checking” error.

What was really behind the One’s latest visit to ABC’s daily socialist hen party, “The View?”

Obama’s Gay Political Play – Alexander’s Essays – PatriotPost.US

I referenced this book, a sort of Rules for Radicals for the militant homosexual activists. After the Ball: How America Will Conquer Its Fear and Hatred of Gays in the90′s (Plume) (9780452264984): Marshall Kirk, Hunter Madsen: Books

Tireless reformer William J. Kelly of the Kelly Truth Squad joined us to talk about his efforts to end Illinois’ corrupt, one-party rule by revitalizing the Illinois GOP.


Illinois Citizens for Ethics Reform « Illinois Citizens For Ethics Reform

Campbell Brown, female TV journo, smacks the Obama campaign for that cringe-inducing “Julia” campaign. Welcome to reality, Campbell. I don’t think you’ll be invited on Chris Matthews’ show again any time soon.

Obama, Condescending to Women –

Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show, 4/29/12

The ridiculously juvenile sloganeering of the Obama campaign attempts to cover up for their many failures. Joe Biden is their foreign policy genius. Really? He’s been wrong about every foreign policy issue of the last 30 years! Now, they are taking Mitt Romney’s words out of context and trotting out Bill Clinton, of all people, to try to use Osama bin Laden to score political points. Pathetic.

Obama Campaign: Romney Would Not Have Ordered Bin Laden Raid – ABC News

Mitt and Osama – Dean Barnett – printer friendly –

Special guest professional comedian Tim Slagle gives his review of last night’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Please check out his site where you can order his hilarious CD “Europa.”

Special guest taxpayer advocate and government ethics watchdog William J. Kelly talks about the attempts by cynical race baiters to exploit the Trayvon Martin case

First Trayvon Martin- George Zimmerman related hate crime reported in Chicago | Washington Times Communities

Kelly Truth Squad

Kelly Truth Squad’s Blog

Friends of William J Kelly – About Bill

Victim’s sister: Mobile, Ala. black-on-white beating sparked by theft, not basketball – Yahoo! News

George Zimmerman: Prelude to a shooting | Reuters (in which George Zimmerman’s “black roots” are revealed)

Jimmy Kimmel mocks Gov. Chris Christie’s weight. Query: what if it were Gov. Christine Christie? Would a comedian get a pass for making fat jokes about a female politician, or what these jokes inspire outrage? (I say yes.)

Critiquelator on Obama’s obnoxious “joke” about his questionable heritage

Citizens stage protest to support (one time Teri O’Brien Show guest) Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Update on Barack Obama’s eligibility as an Article II Natural Born Citizen

Fed Court: Eligibility Question “Important and Not Trivial” »

Joe Biden speaks. Hilarity ensues.

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