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“Lazy” Postal Worker in Wisconsin Dumps Republican Campaign Brochures in Dumpster

Seinfeld's Newman

The mail never stops, right? From Watchdog.org: Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night may keep postal carriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds. But partisan politics, now that may be another matter altogether. An investigation has been launched into a Neenah postal carrier who allegedly dumped into a recycling bin hundreds of political advertisement ...

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Jesse Jackson: We will March on Gun Shops

Oh this should be helpful: As Katie Pavlich points out in this piece, his chant “guns out, jobs in,” is a tad ironic, given the number of American jobs created by the firearms industry. I wonder if the Rev has expressed his concerns about gun violence to Attorney General Eric “Fast and Furious” Holder?

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Obama Campaign Desperation on Display: Show Notes, the Teri O’Brien Show, 6/3/12

As panic increases as reality sinks in in Chicago, desperation increases, resulting in leaking of national security information and efforts to facilitate vote fraud Thought experiment: Substitute “George W. Bush” for “Barack Obama” when you read this story. Does the phrase “war criminal” spring to mind? Secret ‘Kill List’ Tests Obama’s Principles – NYTimes.com Are these leaks being done to ...

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The Wisconsin Grandmother Who Stood Up to Union Thugs, The Teri O’Brien Show Notes, 4/3/11

We were delighted to welcome as a special guest, fresh from her appearances on “Your World with Neil Cavuto” and “America Live” on Fox News, and the day before her appearance on “On the Record with Greta Van Sustreren,” Union Grove, Wisconsin entrepreneur Dawn Bobo, whose refusal to be intimidated by union thugs has made her a national hero. You ...

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