Takeaways from Last Night’s GOP Debate

What were your takeaways from last night’s GOP Debate? Please comment below.

GOP Debate

Rubio is going to continue to distort his record on amnesty.

There’s no other way to say it. As we explained extensively on the last two editions of The Teri O’Brien Show (use the player on the top right to listen to the show!), Marco Rubio is lying about his record on amnesty. He lied to the voters of Florida about amnesty to get elected, and he is lying when he says that his record and Sen. Cruz’s are the same on amnesty. Did Sen. Cruz get in bed with Chuck Schumer and Dick Durbin to craft a horrific amnesty bill that would have enabled sanctuary cities, allowed illegals who were gang bangers, stalkers and drug criminals to stay in the country and eventually become citizens? Was Sen. Cruz used as a patsy and a frontman to try to sell that mess to the American people? During last night’s debate, the moderators went easy on Rubio on this issue. The moderator from Telemundo asked him about the obvious inconsistency between his comments in English v. Spanish on Obama’s illegal amnesty aka “DACA,” Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. His tap dance on that was embarrassing and unconvincing.

Often, Rubio came off as an annoying little ankle biter.

With his baby face, he has to be careful, lest he risk someone reaching up to slap it when he smirks, mugs and interrupts as he did last night. I understand that his handlers explained to him that when you’re dealing with Trump, you have to interrupt him otherwise you won’t get a word in edgewise, but I’m not sure that Sen. Rubio came off well. Clearly, the former Jeb donors who now see him as their savior, gave him his marching orders: Take out Trump! So, he went after him about hiring Polish workers, his “Trump University,” and inheriting money from his father. On the Polish worker issue, Politifact rated that “half true,” explaining that in the dispute against Trump and a demolition union back in 1980’s, Trump blamed the contractor, and since he settled the case out of court, no one knows how much he paid, so the whole “he had to pay a million dollars in a judgement” thing may be an exaggeration. Expect to see him continue to mock Donald Trump. Clearly his handlers have decided that Rubio needs to go full Alinsky on Trump. He has done the same thing to Sen. Cruz. No surprise: Trump is not intimidated, referring to Rubio last night as “Mr. Meltdown,” and today as “lightweight choker who looks like a little boy on stage.”

Trump has a very poor grasp of public policy and legal issues.

Trump has been criticized before for not really understanding serious public policy issues, and I don’t think he did himself any good last night. For example, referring to his sister, a federal judge, he said, “She’s a brilliant judge. He’s been criticizing — he’s been criticizing my sister for signing a certain bill. You know who else signed that bill? Justice Samuel Alito, a very conservative member of the Supreme Court, with my sister, signed that bill.”

Since when do judges sign bills? What is he talking about?

Trump may need to work on his answers regarding hiring illegals.

Here’s what he said when Marco Rubio criticized him for hiring foreigners instead of Americans:

It’s the up season. People didn’t want to have part-time jobs. There were part-time jobs, very seasonal, 90-day jobs, 120-day jobs, and you couldn’t get.

Everybody agrees with me on that. They were part-time jobs. You needed them, or we just might as well close the doors, because you couldn’t get help in those hot, hot sections of Florida.

“It’s the up season,” and “Everybody agrees with me?” Those are very weak responses to charges that strike at Trump’s key selling point, doing something about illegal immigration. He has got to figure out a better explanation. Perhaps it’s that he didn’t know any better at the time. He could say that he didn’t understand the impact on the country. Perhaps the laws were different then. “When I knew better, I did better.” Something, anything other than what he said last night.

Trump is going to keep repeating that ridiculous line about “people dying in the streets.”

The rest of the field needs to just let him say that, and definitely not argue with him, or say as I often do on The Teri O’Brien Show, that no one is dying in the streets. There is no upside in the general election by being perceived as being against keeping people from dying in the streets. That’s a non-starter, so leave it alone.

Trump is going to have a problem criticizing the very corrupt Clinton Foundation, and that could be a serious problem in the general election.

Remember when the liberal media and the lame GOP elites decided that Mitt “conservatism as a 2nd language” Romney was the perfect nominee in 2012? Unfortunately, the GOP establishment missed one teensy-weensy detail; specifically, that he was completely unable to hold Obama’s feet to the fire on one of his biggest vulnerabilities, Obamacare. How could he criticize it when his Massachusetts’ health care plan was the model for the (Un)Affordable Care Act? He couldn’t! Similarly, how is Donald Trump going to point out Hillary Clinton’s serious vulnerability on her family “foundation?” Ted Cruz pointed that out saying, “one of Hillary’s great vulnerabilities, the corruption at the Clinton Foundation, the fact that she had CEOs and foreign companies giving her money while she was secretary of state. The next Republican nominee needs to be able to make that case against Hillary. And if Donald tried to did it, Hillary would turn to Donald and say, “but gosh, Donald, you gave $100,000 to the Clinton foundation. I even went to your wedding.” What is he going to say in response?

Kasich is going to continue his irritating Jimmy Stewart act in the hope of becoming someone’s VP.

God help us.

Dr. Ben Carson is a bright, nice guy who is wasting his time if he doesn’t either sell a lot of books or get a gig on Fox News.

A word to those who were following my live feed during the debate, and thanked me for watching so that they didn’t have to: that’s what I do, remember?

What were your takeaways from the debate? Please post them below.


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