Four Takeaways from Obama Final Press Conference

What were we expecting at his final presser? A down-to-earth, humble, grateful man completely in touch with reality? Uh no. Mike Pence wasn’t there.

Still Gangsta

Barack Obama still views lawless behavior as anything but, provided it is in the service of his agenda. Vote fraud is non-existent and reports of it are “fake news.” Displeasure with illegal aliens present in our country is just “politics.” Commuting the sentence of a member of the military who stole and leaked over 700,000 documents, including some on bin Laden’s personal wish list, is “justice.”

More payback is needed for racist Amerika

Oh yes, Bitter Clinger, “we (read YOU) have more work to do on race.”

He’s still no fan of that quaint document of  “negative liberties,” our Constitution

He will continue to miss the opportunity to miss an opportunity to stand up for American traditions, even while promising to insinuate himself into public policy debates if he thinks our “core values” are at stake, for example if evil Republicans try to make sure people need an ID to vote. I mean it’s one thing to endanger the lives of our intelligence assets abroad by releasing confidential national security information to our enemies, but making people show ID to vote? As he would say, c’mon man!

It’s Time for the Media to Start Acting Like Journalists Because They Aren’t Supposed to be Sycophants (Anymore)

Now that he has spent years with the media behaving like a passel of Justin Bieber fans whenever he enters the room, swooning and slobbering at the mere mention of his name or the sight of his perfectly-creased pants, it’s time for them to remember that they aren’t supposed to be sycophants.

I know that I, Teri O’Brien, watch so you don’t have to, but if you did see any of this most recent display of delusional narcissism, what were your takeaways?

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  1. Ukraine is a country that Russia should not invest itself in, because, you know, Globalism requires them to be sovereign, or something.

    And because some people who are eligible to vote do not vote, we should make it easier for people that are not eligible to vote to vote.

    (I snuck a listen because, WTH, it will be the last, last time I have to hear his voice.)

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