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Meet Teri O’Brien: America’s Original Conservative Warrior Princess.
Broadcaster, Writer, Dangerous Thinker
Fearlessly and Cheerfully Committing Common Sense, Speaking Truth to Power and Community Organizing

Teri O'Brien

Teri O’Brien

Teri O’Brien is the founder of Informed America Radio, dedicated to pushing back the frontiers of ignorance 24/7. Informed America Radio’s flag ship program is The Teri O’Brien Show, which debuted on Chicago’s radio home for Rush Limbaugh, the Big 89, WLS, in March, 2003, and has now moved to the cutting edge of new media on Spreaker.com.
Dangerous Thinkers
Her latest project is a new podcast, “Dangerous Thinkers with Teri O’Brien,”featuring interviews with fearless people who challenge the conventional wisdom, people like Prof. Walter E. Williams, Prof. Carol Swain, Journalist/Author Sharyl Attkisson, Mediaite’s Joe Wulfsohn, NFL Great/Author Burgess Owens, Author/Activist Taleeb Starkes, legendary attorney Alan Dershowitz and Historian/Author Victor Davis Hanson, with new interviews added weekly. Please check it out, and if you feel like helping us get the word out about the show, please (1) rate the show (2) write a review and (3) subscribe on iTunes.
She is also the author of several books, including The ABC’s of Barack Obama: Understanding God’s Greatest Gift to America.
You can contact her via email at theteriobrienshow@gmail.com.
Please follow her on twitter: http://www.twitter.com/teriobrien, and join the Facebook Group, Dangerous Thinkers: Fans of The Teri O’Brien Show. 

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Teri is available for print, radio and television interviews. She has also spoken before a number of groups with the cost depending upon the nature of the event and location.
The best way to reach me is via e-mail at theteriobrienshow@gmail.com. Please include the date of the event, the location and contact information for the event organizer.

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