Thank You, Veterans on Your Special Day

Please take a moment today to think about our veterans, whose service and sacrifice have made this country possible.

As those of you who have listened to The Teri O’Brien Show over the last decade know, I make a direct connection between my ability to run my mouth, drive around in my car, shoot my gun and run my mouth (and aren’t those things what it means to be an American at the end of the day?), to the courage and sacrifice of our military veterans.

Unfortunately, as Dave Boyer writes in today’s Washington Times, our vets are still being treated horribly by our government.

[P]roblems within the VA continue unabated. An internal VA audit has found that the secret waitlists occurred not only in Phoenix but at 110 VA facilities.
VA officials still haven’t corrected a computer system error that led to tens of thousands of combat vets being denied VA health care enrollment, although the problem was brought to light in August.

The administration has tried under VA Secretary Robert McDonald to get beyond the crisis that erupted in Phoenix in April 2014 over delayed health care for veterans and phony waitlists, which led to the resignation of former Secretary Eric K. Shinseki. The agency said it has handled about 7 million more health care appointments for veterans in the past 12 months than in the previous year.…

Nearly 18 months after the waitlist scandal broke in Phoenix, the problems there aren’t fixed. An inspector general’s report in October found that seven more Phoenix-area veterans died after delayed treatment and lapses in medical care.

The VA’s own statistics submitted to Congress showed that, as of last week, there were proposed disciplinary actions against 27 employees and one senior executive specifically for patient wait-time manipulation.

Of those 27, three have been fired. And Sharon Helman, the Phoenix VA medical center director, was fired for accepting improper gifts, not because of her role in the waitlist scandal.

The department has proposed disciplinary action against 305 employees for various issues, including 20 probationary workers and other nonmedical employees such as food service workers and transportation supervisors.

Funding for the VA has increased 73 percent since 2009, but examples of waste at the agency are rampant. Construction of a VA hospital in Denver is more than $1 billion overbudget. And an investigation earlier this year uncovered that a VA executive received almost $300,000 in relocation expenses to move from Washington to Philadelphia.

Disgraceful. Think about that when you see Obama laying the wreath today.

So on this Veterans’ Day, I want to take the opportunity to thank them again, and to pledge to continue to work to inform my fellow citizens so that we can take back the country that so many sacrificed to give to us. We need to preserve this country for future generations, and thanks to veterans, we may have a chance to do so. The next year will be critical in the effort. We cannot let Hillary Clinton and the democrats deliver the coups de grace to this nation.

Need to learn more about the history of Veterans’ Day? Read about it here.



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