That Didn’t Take Long: As predicted, Muslim Brotherhood Taking Over Libya

If you missed yesterday’s show, you missed a terrific interview with Erick Stakelbeck, author of The Terrorist Next Door, and the fantastic blog Stakelbeck on Terror (check out his post today on the “new Caliphate.” YIKES!) We discussed the tremendous influence that the Muslim Brotherhood, and similar Islamist groups, will have in the post Gaddafi Libya, and the danger it represents to our country and our culture.

Here we go. From the Seattle Times:

One of the strongest factions vying for political power are the religious political and military leaders who support the Libyan chapter of the Muslim Brotherhood. These groups led many of the strongest militias involved in the revolutions.

As a nod to their growing power, Abdul-Jalil focused a significant part of his speech on religion. He said that the new Libyan legal codes will be based on Islamic law, known as Shariah, and promised to ban interest on housing loans. The Islamic banking system prohibits charging interest, which is regarded as usury.

Senior Libyan officials said he also envisioned changing marriage laws to make it easier for men to take a second wife.

Of course, this fact won’t diminish Barack Obama’s cheerleaders from citing the ouster of Gaddafi as evidence of his brilliant foreign policy expertise, hoping that we will forget that back in March, Obama’s administration denied that getting Gaddafi was the objective of the mission. After all, the One himself downplayed concern about the Muslim Brotherhood and its hostility to the United States.

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