The Beast Breaks Down


Not that Beast, she’s still in the White House getting ready for a cheap spring break vacation to Monaco or somewhere.


Just when you think you can’t afford it, your car breaks down. It’s the sequester’s fault.

President Obama is on his way to Israel for a state visit. His limo, the Beast, made the trip with him. Apparently it just broke down because it was filled with diesel instead of gas. Whoops.

The President was not in the limo when it broke down and a new one is now being brought in from Jordan.

Who knew the Man that Walks on Water™ needed a car? Or that car couldn’t run on unicorn gas and Skittles? Oh well, it’s a good thing there was another already in Jordan. That won’t cost us too much. It’s nothing compared to the school children traipsing through the White House.

Personally, I blame Bush.


Uh-oh. The Anti-Midas™ strikes again.

The GM Duramax diesel engine powering Cadillac One presents some very interesting alternative fuel possibilities to President Obama.


… which begs the question: Will Barack Obama’s Cadillac One run on bio-diesel?

Um, no.


  1. obombabots are so stupid that the term low information voter is too nice. They are stupid moron idiots.

    • A. Men, I think you could certainly make that argument, but I’m willing to allow that a certain percentage of them are actually not stupid, but rather turn off their brains and rely on emotion to make decisions about for whom to vote. BIG mistake, and one for which we all suffer, but I think it’s true. Don’t get me wrong. A LOT of them, probably a majority are dolts, but I do believe some are not.

  2. Do you guys somebody RF’ed Obama’s car? If so, doesn’t it have to be one of our guys? I know he’s not exactly popular in Israel, but their people aren’t gassing up his ride, are they? If so, what is the point of flying his car everywhere?

  3. How about Preznit Present put his money where his fecal-spewing orifice is and ride around in a Presidential Prius? Why doesn’t he take the National Democratic Socialist Workers’ Party advice and disarm the Secret Service and have the defend him with ball-point pens? If someone were to attack His Holy Empty-suitedness, he could merely take the same bunch’s advice and either piss, sh*t or vomit on himself to make him a less attractive target.

    As for the limo refueling problem, it was probably just a miscommunication when someone was told to take The Beast out for a fill-up— They grabbed the First Yeti and took her to Baskin-Robbins .

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