The Bottom Line on Cong. Anthony Weiner’s Battle of the Bulge

Cong. Anthony Weiner is getting very testy (no pun intended) about the lewd photo he admits was sent from his Twitter account. He will not say whether it depicts his crotch or not. He doesn’t want to talk about it anymore, ok?  Not only that. The liberal New York democrat has he suddenly developed an aversion to wasting taxpayers’ money, and, did I mention that in the grand tradition of sleazy pols everywhere, he wants to “move on?”

Note to those scratching their heads, wondering what’s going on with his modified, limited hangout, or suggesting, as Joy Behar did today on ABC’s “The View,”  that someone is out to get him for political reasons: you are over thinking this mess. Let me spell it out:

The guy in the photo is him, and, of course, Cong. Weiner knows it is.

Despite his protestations to the contrary, he is probably the one who sent it. Why do I say that? Because Anthony Weiner isn’t the first person who mistakenly sent a risquè photo to a would-be, or current, paramour.

Submitted for your approval:

  • Hayley Williams, of the band, Paramore, claimed that her Twitter account had been hacked, and that the evil hacker posted a topless photo of her online. She later admitted that she had actually posted the picture when was trying to send it to her boyfriend (CAUTION: this link NSFW or sensitive viewers. You have been warned.)
  • Then there’s this wrestling guy, who expressed outrage over the photo posted of his junk on Twitter. Unfortunately, he slammed the “hacker” four minutes after the offending pic was posted, which tipped everyone off that he sent it himself.
  • And Courtney Love.
  • Even this guy trying to sell his car on eBay did it!
  • The reason that Cong. Weiner didn’t report this incident to the FBI is because he didn’t want to have a Martha Stewart problem. To make sure he didn’t commit the crime of lying to the authorities, he and his staff had to figure out exactly and specifically what he could be proved guilty of doing by checking IP addresses and otherwise covering his rear end in a way that it’s not covered in that photo.  Once they knew what he can be proven of doing and when, they can construct a carefully parsed statement that won’t put him in felony jeopardy.

Since he denies sending the photo to Seattle college student Gennette Cordova, we can probably conclude that he sent it to someone else, probably one of the other 198 young women that for some unknown reason the married, alleged grown up follows on Twitter. That’s not a stretch. Anthony Weiner isn’t the first unattractive dork who spent most of his life unable to get a date, only to get to Washington and discover that Henry Kissinger was right. Power is an aphrodisiac. He’s also not the first 40-something dweeb to realize that 20-somethings are very easily duped and impressed. Exhibit A: Barack Obama. And if a middle-aged groover is trying to show some young stuff that he’s hip, what better what than using the internets?

The one bright spot for Cong. Weiner is that his wife Huma Abedin has the perfect shoulder to cry on. For many years, she has worked for Hillary Rodham Clinton. Bill Clinton actually officiated at their July 2010 wedding. Let’s hope he didn’t get any marital advice from Bubba.

The truth will come out soon, and when it does we will be reminded again of that other Watergate-era slogan: it’s not the crime. It’s the coverup.


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