The Celebutard Factor: Barack Obama Appears on Jimmy Fallon’s Show

As we repeatedly discuss here, and on the Teri O’Brien Show, one of the Obama campaign’s major constituencies is the low-information potential voter. In 2008, they managed to convince millions of dolts who couldn’t name their members of Congress at gunpoint and whose only previous experience with voting consisted of texting in their votes for their favorite would-be “American Idol” to vote for the One. The BS (Barry Soetero) continues. Michelle “Reparations Have to Start Somewhere” Obama has appeared on nearly every media outlet that will have her, including iCarly, Ellen, Jay Leno, Top Chef, and Sesame Street to name a few. Indeed, her legendary media whoring has made her the most televised First Lady in history (warning: hurl alert if you click that link. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.) Tonight the One Himself will appear on Jimmy Fallon’s show. Recalling the very unfortunate decision by Mr. Fallon’s house band to bring on Rep. Bachman with the song “Lyin’ Ass Bitch,” I wonder what song they’ll choose for B. Hussein? Suggestions? How about “The Great Pretender?”  

Of course, the reason for this incessant media carpet bombing is to make sure that clueless, emotionally-driven types will vote for Barack in November.

As this post from the Atlantic notes, there’s a method to the Obama campaign’s media madness, and it all started back in 1992:

President Obama will be on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on NBC on Tuesday, and we can probably blame this on a 1992 memo from a Bill Clinton campaign staffer on the necessity of doing “UnPresidential” stuff to get voters to like the candidate.

On Monday, Lapham’s Quarterly posted an April 27, 1992 memo from Mandy Grunwald in which she encouraged the campaign to be openminded about getting free media from low-brow soft-focus interview shows like The Tonight ShowLate Night, and yes, The Arsenio Hall Show. Just over a month later, Clinton appeared on Arsenio and famously played the saxophone.


Elspbeth Reeve’s piece continues:

The Obamas are probably going on these shows for the same reason Grunwald suggested the Clintons should:

We know from research that Bill Clinton’s life story has a big impact on people… We know that moments of passion, personal reflection, and humor do more for us than any six-second sound bite on the network news or for that matter any thirty-second television spot…

I understand that many people will say these kinds of things are “UnPresidential.” Bull. This is how people get information. These are forums for more personal and varied looks at Bill and Hillary and Chelsea.

Obama’s job approval rating has been stuck just under 50 percent for several weeks. But voters aremore likely to like him personally. All the more reason to talk about basketball with Jimmy Fallon than health care with George Stephanopoulos.


Anything to avoid discussing his failed record.

UPDATE: Remember back in December when Donald Trump was planning to host a GOP debate and the LSM went nuts, lamenting the lack of seriousness in the process of selecting a nominee? Here’s one example. Yet, the Obamas’ endless appearances on entertainment programs and sporting events is never characterized as diminishing him as a serious person.

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