The Chicago Way: Laws Are for the Little People

We have chronicled the lawlessness of the Obama administration frequently on this blog, and on the Teri O’Brien Show (for example, here, and here, in an episode entiled “The Reeking Stench of the Chicago Way”). For more on the undisguised contempt that Obama and his band of merry Marxists have for the rule of law , take a look at today’s “Post of the Day,” a must-read from Quin Hillyer at The American Spectator, entitled “Does Obama Doom America?”

Another truth I have told you repeatedly is that Barack Obama’s master plan is what I like to call the “Cook County-ization of America.” That’s his vision of a “remade” U.S.A., a place which resembles a pyramid. At the top are the glitterati like Barack, Michelle, Valerie and their peeps living large, endlessly partying with their celebrity pals, jetting all over the planet with their huge entourages in tow on the taxpayers’ dime, clad in outfits that cost more than you earn in six months. They are not inhibited by annoying laws, regulations or any other obstacle to doing anything and everything they want when they want. Those things are applied only to those at the bottom of the pyramid, the serfs, whose job is to submit, pay and keep their mouths shut in the process.

Here is a very current example of how it’s all supposed to work, starring the mayor of Chicago, the Tiny Dancer himself, one Rahm Emanuel. From the Chicago Sun-Times:

Mayor Rahm Emanuel, at a Monday news conference, didn’t like questions about whether his press office had recorded reporters’ conversations without first seeking their consent.

That’s a big no-no under the Illinois Eavesdropping Act, one of the toughest two-party consent laws in the country.

One woman, Annabel Melongo, spent 20 months in Cook County Jail before a judge finally freed her.

Right, but this Annabel Melongo person is one of the little people. Not an important public official who cares about “the children.” More from the article, by liberal LSM journo Carol Marin:

Emanuel, at his press conferences, hates it when reporters have the temerity to go off-message on him. His Monday appearance had been called to talk about physical fitness, veterans and the park district. When the wayward press corps turns to a different topic, the mayor’s default reprimand is to invoke “the children,” a subject that Emanuel believes he, and only he, really cares about. Unlike heartless news people.

“I have really big issues,” said the mayor, rebuking WMAQ-Channel 5 reporter Phil Rogers for continuing to press the issue of surreptitious tape recording. “The health of these kids, that’s my No. 1 issue . . . I don’t remember it in my 100-day plan or my four-year plan, a policy to make sure that you, journalists, that we have a record on that.”

Or, as Shakespeare put in “Antony and Cleopatra,” “Give me my robe, put on my crown; I have immortal longings.”

It is time for the smarmy, sanctimonious, I’m-the-only-guy-who-cares-about-the-children routine to end. …

The city Law Department, in an email, said, “These incidents were mistakes that were acknowledged and addressed.”

They were not “acknowledged” by the mayor who used the word “if” when saying, “If the staff has made a mistake in one or two instances, then we’ll address the mistake.”

And “addressed”?

How exactly has this matter been addressed?

We still don’t know in any substantial detail.

So no, this isn’t much ado about nothing.

And don’t expect it to be addressed, Carol. As the saying goes, elections have consequences, and of course, that’s also part of the plan. Get as many people as possible in some way beholden to the democrats, and ensure their re-election until the end of time. Illinois is bankrupt, and productive people and jobs are fleeing at a rate of one every 10 minutes, and the voters just re-elected the people responsible. That’s not an accident. That’s the plan, and it’s the same one Barack Obama has for the whole country.

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